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We all love our families, and we all go through many different challenges with our loved ones. But, what if the norm in your house-hold was to kill. Well here's a list of some of the most notorious families in horror who enjoy a little more than your average game night of Monopoly.

1.) Jason and Pamela Voorhees

"like mother, like son.."
"like mother, like son.."

I'm sure by now, that everyone reading this will know who this lovely mother-son duo is. If not, let me fill you in. Back in 1957 at Camp Crystal Lake, a boy named Jason was spending his summer like most boys his age, away at camp. Pamela was a cook at the same camp. One day while she was busy, Jason was off wondering around the lake, because of his deformity, he was an easy target for bullies. He was chased to the edge of the dock and fell in the water, all the other kids, watched as Jason sank and drowned; sadly he did not know how to swim. Pamela, like any mother would be, was outraged and lost her mind. she blamed the counselors for her sons death, mainly because instead of supervising the children while they were playing, they were off having sex in one of the cabins. Pam decided to take matters into her own hands and get revenge on everyone she felt was responsible. Pamela brutally murdered two counselors, Camp Crystal Lake was closed after the murders and was nicknamed "Camp Blood" by local residents. When the owner tried to re-open the camp in 1962, Pamela returned, poisoned the water, and set several fires. The camp was shut down once again and did not reopen until 1979. Pamela lived in a house which bordered the Camp Crystal Lake property. In Friday the 13th, it is revealed that no one knew who set the fires or poisoned the water. In Friday the 13th, Pamela says she does not want the camp reopened because she fears that another tragic accident will happen.On Friday, June 13, 1979, seven young counselors return to the deadly campground to prepare it for reopening, even after several ominous warnings of a death curse by the local residents. Enraged, Pamela goes on a savage killing spree.The sole survivor, Alice, discovers two of the murdered victims and later meets Pamela, who tells her about Jason's death. Pamela flies into a rage and chases Alice around the camp with a machete, saying "Kill her, mommy!" in Jason's voice. Finally, Alice is able to take Pamela's machete and decapitate her.Jason Later comes back to life to take over his mothers place, and kill and seek revenge on the young visitors who return to the lake years to come.

So if we've learned anything from this it would be, never fuck when you're at Camp Crystal Lake!

2.) The Firefly Family

RIP Tiny
RIP Tiny

One of my all-time favorite families, I wonder what they're holiday's are like! The Firefly gang consist of 8 members; Momma Firefly, Grandpa Hugo, Earl, Cutter aka Captain Spaulding, Baby, Otis, Rufus, and Tiny. We're first introduced to this lovely clan the night before Halloween 1977, in a almost empty town of Ruggsville, Texas. for years, their household consisted of nothing but the violation and torture of other human beings. From dismemberment to being turned into human art, one things for sure, once you enter their humble abode, you are not leaving. Their one fatal flaw was the day Momma shot Lieutenant George Wydell, fatally wounding him, this raised a lot of suspicion and a search for the missing man. His brother John Quincey Wydell, just so happened to be the sheriff and soon discovered the family and what they were up to. after a shoot-out between the family and the local authorities, only Baby and Otis are able to escape and manage to get to Baby's father Captain Spaulding. Meanwhile, Momma Firefly was captured, and put in a holding cell at the local sheriffs department. Eventually, Officer Wydell snaps and kills Momma. He captures Baby, Otis, and Cutter, and nails them to chairs and proccedes to staple pictures of their victims to their bodies. Baby later breaks free and tries to run, but the sheriff catches up to her, he is later killed by her older, disfigured brother, Tiny, whom is presumed dead in the beginning of the film. The three escape the home, leaving tiny behind,and take off in their getaway car. Near the end of the film, it shows the remaining three stopped dead in the road, only to be faced by a road block of the towns police department guns drawn. If you haven't seen the film i don't want to ruin the entire ending for you.

3.) The Ray Family (aka Chucky's Family)

"Say Cheese!"
"Say Cheese!"

One of the most recognizable families on this list will probably be Chucky and his family. We met Charles Lee Ray back in 1988, where he was on a chase from the cops that ended in a toy store in Chicago, Ray was shot and killed, but before he actually died he was able to use voodoo to transfer his soul into a good guy doll. From there a horror movie icon was born. In the fourth installment of the film franchise, we are introduced to Charles old flame Tiffany. He kills her by pushing a tv into her bath and then puts her soul into a doll she had bought him as a joke. the two take off on a joyride in the back if their human hostages van. at the end of their tip they wind up at Charles' grave. Tiffany is thrown into an oven and Chucky is shot. Not to worry though, with the magic of voodoo this duo s eventually brought back in the 5th film, The Seed of Chucky. At the end of the bride we see Tiffany do what looks like give birth and the sound of a baby can be heard. Glen is introduced to firs in The Seed as "Shitface", working for a traveling circus as a star in the freak show. He runs away after seeing his mother and father on the tv and takes off for Hollywood in search of his family. When he finally finds his parents, he uses the amulet he has and says the magic words "Auday duay dumbalar" and his parents awake very confused. After becoming acquainted with one another and naming their son, The sadistic duo do what they do best, and decapitate a crew member, then hitch a ride in the back of Jennifer Tilly's limo and from there they try to get her pregers and still her and her chauffeur's bodies to posses as their own.

4.) The Hewitt/Sawyer Family

Now depending on which version of Texas Chainsaw you have seen, the families change. In the original 1974 classic, we meet the cannibalistic Sawyer family. Drayton, Nubbins, Chop Top, Leatherface (Jedidiah), and Grandpa Sawyer. Lets jump to the 3rd movie and meet Leatherface's new Sawyer family; Tex, Mama, Alfredo, Tinker, and masked man himself, who is called "Junior" in this film. The only other family in this film franchise is the 2003 Hewitt family, which includes but is not limited to; Thomas Brown (Leatherface), The Tea Lady, Sheriff Hoyt, Monty, Luda, and Henrietta. The Hewitt family, unlike their early descendants, are not cannibals. Although every family in the films from 1974 to present had a system of setting up innocent passerby's and killing them. Whether they use a hitch-hiker or chase them down on the highway, this family sure knows how to draw in company!

5.) The Odets

The Odets are popularly known for the Wrong Turn movies. They are they family of mutants that live in the back parts of West Virginia. Ma, Pa, Three Finger, One Eye, Saw tooth, and Three-Toes are a quaint little family of radioactively exposed inbreeds. Fun family outings include; bow shooting, ax throwing, and the possible dismemberment of hikers. Although there were many family members as the series went on, im just gonna focus on this main family, after all this is where it all began. From game shows to prisoners this family has taken on its fair share of struggles, but they always manage to cut through what ever comes their way, literally!


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