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The movie much like the other movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was good and pretty decent superhero movie. I will tell you this though, I enjoyed Ant Man far more than I enjoyed Age of Ultron. Maybe it was the scale of the film or the number of characters, but it was better. Im not dissing AoU its just Ant Man reminded of a time before the Avengers and Marvel were still making the MCU. Ant Man actually reminded me a lot of Iron Man with a singular character focus with a smug attitude and stakes being big and small in the movie. The characters were on point, even Michael Douglas who I was skeptical about being in a Marvel Movie. Paul Rudd did an excellent job as Scott Lang and Evangeline Lily certainly got Hope Van Dyne's Personality down. The real star of the movie though was Michael Pena (I don't know how to do the tilde thing over the N). Pena was hilarious in nearly every scene he was in and really made the movie almost like a heist film. The fight scenes, especially at the end were hilarious as well. Corey Stoll as Darren Cross/Yellow Jacket was good but I wish they had given the character more development. Once again Marvel needs to do their villains better in their films or stick around longer at least for at least one more film. Overall the movie deserves an 8 out of 10.

One of the better parts of this film is at the very end during the mid credits when we finally get to see the Wasp suit with Hope van Dyne saying "About damn time." It shows a testament to the fact that Marvel had yet to do any solo female led superhero film and they are finally listening to the fans, especially with the reveal not too long ago that we are having a sequel for Ant-Man which is being called "Ant-Man and Wasp".

The other treat we got out of this film though and here's where the spoilers are if you have not seen this film is the post credits scene where its basically a scene from Captain America: Civil War.

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