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There are some actresses in Hollywood who we just deem far too classy to bounce around on screen, giving us the "oooh" and "aahhh" faces in some choreographed sex scene. And, while I hate to rely on stereotypes and typecasting to form an impression of an actor or actress's skill set, sadly that's often unavoidable.

Hence the reason we we're all fairly surprised to find out that the below 10 seemingly prim and proper famous faces have all, at some stage in their careers, appeared in rather explicit movie sex scenes:

1. Anne Hathaway

Film: Havoc

Hollywood's sweetheart Anne Hathaway may appear all butter wouldn't melt but beneath that peachy exterior lies a naughtier side, a side that has only seen the light of day (or screen) on a few occasions. One of these occasions was a little over a decade ago in 2005 crime drama Havoc, in which she performs fellatio in the back of a car and then goes the whole nine yards.

Hathaway, you little minx!

2. Courtney Cox

Film: 3000 Miles to Graceland

It could be the fact that Courntey Cox is so often bypassed by most of the male population for her Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston, that many of her sex scenes have been wildly overlooked. Like the opening scene to 3000 Miles To Graceland for example, in which she flaps around in a manner that even Showgirls' Elizabeth Berkley would be proud of.

3. Tilda Swinton

Film: I Am Love

Perhaps it's down to the stern and severe air of the characters that Tilda Swinton chooses to portray that often causes people to overlook her sexier side, but trust me, it's there. You only have to watch her passionate scene with Edoardo Gabbriellini in 2009's I Am Love to realize that.

4. Reese Witherspoon

Film: Wild

The woman who once stated she'd never do a nude scene, Reese Witherspoon backtracked in style in 2014. In Wild she portrayed a woman finding herself and let's just say she had a lot of anonymous sex on the road to recovery.

5. Sarah Silverman

Film: I Smile Back

Stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman probably never expected that she would appear in a sex scene, never mind the rest of us. However, in 2015, she surprised us all by engaging in numerous sex acts in the brilliant but bleak I Smile Back. The scenes are pretty rough and hard to watch though, so don't go in it for the kicks.

6. Dame, or rather daaaamn, Helen Mirren.

Film: Caligula

Helen Mirren may appear prim and proper, but flippin' heck, she's lived. The 70-year-old Dame has appeared in multiple sex scenes, and not just any sex scenes either, we're talking massive Roman orgies that feature a confusing amount of peen. The most notable of these bang-fests has to be Caligula, the 1998 movie that shocked the masses because of its unapologetically graphic nature.

7. Jessica Lange

Film: The Postman Always Rings Twice

When American Horror Story star Jessica Lange first entered Hollywood, the ex-model and King Kong victim was something of a sex symbol. It's easy to see why when you watch the majorly saucy clip of her getting jiggy with Jack Nicholson in The Postman Always Rings Twice. Twit twoo!

8. Keira Knightly

Film: The Hole

Although Keira Knightley is generally considered to be a classy Brit who's far too demure to do anything untoward, she's actually the first to admit she has no problem taking her clothes off for movies. Which makes sense when you think about it, considering she had her first sex scene at 16 in The Hole.

9. Vanessa Hudgens

Film: Spring Breakers

In 2012, Vanessa Hudgens broke away from her squeaky clean Disney-girl reputation by jumping into a hot tub for a threesome with James Franco and Ashley Benson in Spring Breakers. Who'd have thought it?

10. Kirsten Dunst

Film: Bachelorette

After watching Melancholia, we were able to draw a line under Kirsten Dunst's cheerleading high school movie days. However, nobody was prepared for the intense, against-the-sink, men's bathroom bounce-a-thon we were subjected to in Will Ferrell and Adam McCay's comedy Bachelorette, that's for sure!

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