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Let's just get right into the deal of what's really happened with The Minecraft Movie, and all the news we know so far.

Let's get started.

On February 27, 2014, a tweet was posted on Notch's Twitter account saying this:

" Someone is trying to leak the fact that we're working with Warner Bros. on potential Minecraft Movie. I wanted to be the leak!"

That very tweet caused many people to go online wondering if a Minecraft Movie is really happening. Then it was official. Mojang has just found their director. It was Shawn Levy. Glorious director for the Night at the Museum franchise.

As as we thought, everything was going well until one fateful day we found at that Shawn Levy had stepped down from directing the Minecraft movie. It seems that Mojang didn't think going "Goonies style" was the right way to go. Shawn Levy wanted to go that way, but Mojang didn't, so....

Some time had past and we thought that the Minecraft Movie was cancelled and never to return. But there was hope! In the summer of 2015, Mojang had just announced that they had found their new director! Rob Mcelhenney from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Who knew? There was joy and excitement. The Minecraft Movie wasn't a lost cause.

" Hey, Mojang. Let's do something strange and wonderful."

The tweet was posted June 21, 2015 by Rob himself.

The producers of the film will be Jill Messick and Roy Lee, who also produced The Lego Movie.

The only question that remains now is:

When does it come out?

Who's the cast?

What's the style and what's the plot?

Ok, that's maybe more than one.

Here is my point of view on this.

Slamacow Creations, Mineworks Animation and Captain Sparklez would be good editions for the animating crew. if you don't know them, look it up in YouTube. They're talented. Also consider taking a story about Steve and Alex, and the secrets of the Enderdragon. This movie could be really good with those editions. Maybe even add a funny talking chicken and a talking pig. If you're listening, Rob. Listen closely. This movie is large budget and may not come out until 2017 or 2018.

Do you have any suggestions? Comment down below and get the conversation starting!


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