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Over the decade my interest in films has grown to where I would like to express how movies are an influence and a reflection of our society
Steven Belknap

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The movie was well done. I liked the ensemble cast that the movie had. True the movie had more focus on cruise than anyone else, but hes been doing these movies since the ninties so what would you expect. Simon Pegg got a much bigger role than any previous Mission Impossible film before and once again did an excellent job with his comedic relief as well as the more serious/dramatic role at the end of the film. I wish jeremy renner, ving rhames, and alec baldwin had more input in this film, but they were still good in the amount they were in. The real star that stole the show in this film was Rebecca Ferguson (if you haven't heard of her she was also in the 2014 Hercules film starring dwayne johnson) She kicked butt in Mission Impossible and not only that but she had some pretty good dramatic scenes as well. One of the best scenes and a bit of spoilers is when she saves tom cruise after he drowns in a tank and revives him. One of the drawbacks I feel was the villain. I dont like it when a movie focuses too much on the heroes and not enough on the villain. The villain could have been more animated or developed as a character. Other than this and the lack or characterization on Renner, Rhames and Baldwins' characters, I found no other problems with this film. The movie was well done so I am going to give the movie an 7.5 out of 10.


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