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Hi everyone! My name is Kuchu Pack and I am a very chill and motivated artist. I would like to present you with one of my fan art collections that I have been working on. Superhero comics are some of my favorites, in fact being a superhero and saving the world were some of the things I wanted to be when I was a little boy. Since I don’t have either a genius brain or loads of money like Tony Stark, or a sexy six-pack like Captain America, that dream kinda failed. But you know what? If I can’t be one I’d just draw them and bring them to life through my art!

This fan art is in the form of SD scale art style. Some people might like these characters in a very 'normal' and realistic art style, but I wanted to bring them to life by making them super cute and tiny!

Iron Man

The Hulk


Captain America

Iron Man's Hulkbuster

I'm proud to present this set that included very famous heroes from The avengers because they are pretty cool and I could not help but sketch them the moment after I got out from watching them in the cinema. They gave me so much motivation and inspiration to work with. After doing a first sketch on paper, a friend of mine saw them and said "Aww, they are so cute!" (pfftt women, you know what I mean?) But then it made me think… What would they all look like in this style, if I painted them in a very realistic way? I have finished painting them all now, and my favorite is Iron man because he is my favorite superhero.

Here is how I started the piece

I hope you guys like my series, there will be more heroes to come in the future! Thank you so much! :D

You can see more of my art work on my Behance, Facebook and Instagram.


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