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The NWA movie Straight Outta Compton Review

Saw the movie. It was great. I was not sure what to expect except that I knew it was a biopic on the rap group itself, but never having been a fan of the music, I gotta say the movie was superb. I saw the movie with a friend who knew more on the subject matter than I did and he suggested I give the movie a try.

The opening scene alone was superb, it involved Easy E and a police battering ram, it was so good. The movie itself focused on the struggles of the group with specifically on Easy E, Dr Dre, and Ice Cube. The first act focused on the rise of group into their super stardom and how influential their music was to the people around them. The second act focused on the separation of the group, starting with Ice Cube and the threats that were going and also the introduction of Suge Knight. By the end of the second act we see the separation of Dr. Dre from Ruthless Records and NWA. We see this through Easy E being beat up by Suge Knight and his guys. The Third Act (I think), being the longest focused on the contract deals with each member and their respective record labels. How each member were trying to move on and do their own thing and work with new artists at the time. The Rodney King/LA Riots and of course Easy E's illness and subsequent death. The ending was quite satisfying, when we see Dr. Dre leave Suge Knight and Death Row Records, which would lead to Aftermath. And in the credits we get to see how Dr. Dre and Ice Cube made it big on their own afterwards and we got to see some great interviews, like with Kendrick and how NWA influenced him and his career.

Apparently the movie, according to my friend, didn't focus on everything that happened with the group but did get a lot in, which still made the movie pretty accurate and quite satisfying. I enjoyed the movie, it was a bit long, but it was good.

I would give the movie an 8 out of 10


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