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Not entirely surprising, The Hollywood Reporter announced today that 20th Century Fox's upcoming superhero film Deadpool will not be released in China. The article states that the film was blocked due to its "violence, nudity and graphic language." This comes after fans rallied together in order to ensure that Deadpool would, in the true nature of the character, have an R rating.

It was also mentioned that any attempts to clean up the film and create a more Chinese government approved version would not have been possible, given that the plot would be too heavily affected by the cuts. Which isn't surprising when you take a look at some of the dialogue seen in the movie's trailer:

Deadpool: From the studio that inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut the first time, comes... me!

And not to mention, scenes of a very violent and graphic nature...

Given Marvel's impressive ticket sales in China, it is entirely possible that Deadpool might still make it into Chinese theaters in some form. However, don't expect Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to get involved in a process that provides a PG-13 version of the movie, having made his thoughts clear in regards to the movie's rating during an April fools prank in 2015:

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