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The DC Cinematic Universe is growing, and soon we will get two Justice League movies! Now those do have a little time before they will be released but at least this year we're getting the much awaited Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad.

Hopefully Zack Snyder can lead the universe into a direction which fans and critics will love, but to do so he has to exclude one famous aspect of the Justice League. It's...

The Watch Tower

The Watch Tower is the Justice League's headquarters, and fans from the comics love this part of the Justice League. Also, people who watched the Justice League animated series will have known and loved it as well. Side Note, if you are a mega-fan of the show, check out my article on its parallels to the DC Cinematic Universe here. Anyway... Moving on!

As a fan you might wonder... Why not? Well for three simple reasons.

The World would never allow for it.

In Man of Steel, Superman and Zod destroy Metropolis during their fight, giving the World a sense of uneasiness. It also causes Batman to go after him which is the basis of the plot for Batman v Superman. Considering that, as well as all the destruction we see in Batman v Superman trailers, we can safely assume that the world thinks that superheroes cause trouble.

So, if that fact is true, then why would they allow seven heroes to put up a giant WMD in space right above them? Well... they wouldn't.

A Continuity Issue

After all... It is a cinematic universe. Heroes ares supposed to go off, and have their own adventures before and after the JL movies. They cannot do that if they have a headquarters. One can argue, that the MCU has a headquarters, but Thor and Captain America are getting their solo movies. Well for one thing, every single Marvel hero except for Thor and Hulk will be a part of Civil War. Also the Hulk will be in Thor's movie. Get my home base theory now?

Zack's Vision

Zack Snyder will be the man who will take the DC Universe, and make it something great. His first outing was with Man of Steel, which fans and critics alike were divided on.

Zack wants to build a world separate from the MCU, which shows what would happen if the world today would get a Superman or Batman. That is what he did with the final battle in Man of Steel. He chose to have the battle completely destroy Metropolis which no Marvel movie has done. He made a statement, saying that if two Gods were to fight, they would leave behind destruction.

If he would put a giant WMD in space over the Earth, it would just undo all of that work.

Check out the trailer for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', which is out March 25!


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