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As some of you guys saw from our last post, the #1 feature was being able to join the military. But what you haven't realized that there was more! Long last, starting a family was a dream come true—and I'm not talking about 16 and pregnant....we are talking about starting a family in the HD realm of Grand Theft Auto: Five! Now you're thinking,"Ok now who is the character that will be able to start a family?!", so we are going to break it down for you all.

Franklin Clinton, will be able to receive Poppy Michell's number from the legendary FIB Agent, Richmond Guiser(who himself is the boyfriend of Poppy), and will be able to call her on a "Booty Call" then after a certain number of calls and nights, Franklin and Poppy will be able to start a family. During this family time, Poppy will send messages via text message to Franklin's phone with sometimes naughty pictures. As the family goes on, the player can have up to 2 kids—1 boy and 1 girl.

Franklin will have to purchase a new house with 3 bedrooms, purchasing from Lenny Avery. Ex: beach house

The player will be able to name their children.

Poppy's vehicle include: a Black Adder, Red Vacca, Shamal with her name on it, and a Luxor Deluxe with a kitchen, champagne and wine and with her own professional pilot.

Poppy Mitchell is also a major shareholder of Pegassi Motorsports, owning 40% equity stake of it.

Poppy Mitchell will take out money when needed out of your account to assist in the growth of your children. College will be EXPENSIVE—at least $25k per month, which is $300k per year and then for 4 years of college which is $1.2 million per child. Then 2 more years of Medical school, which is $100k per month per child. Which is then $2.4 million in medical school expenses per child. A total of $7.2 million in college expenses.

The paparazzi will be CRAZY at whatever house you chose. There will be missions where Poppy will be at nightclubs drinking or having sex/stripping at the club, out driving, getting arrested(you have to pay the bail out fee), and throwing swimming/drinking parties at your house(celebrities and stars will be there in the pool, drinking, fighting, jumping off the roof) and you will have to pay the fixing fees. Franklin will have to go to her location and deal with the situation.

When the child becomes a college student, they will not change in age—just like Michael's children.

The player, Franklin, will be able to select Poppy's contact in his phone and select 'Hang Out'.


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