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Everest Review

One word INTENSE

My god what a movie, it was so intense especially in the second half of the movie. So the movie follows the story of an adventure company Adventure Consultants and their 1996 climb to Mt Everest. The movie stars some really good and big name actors including Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Keira Knightly and Sam Worthington. The first act of the movie involves Clarke's Character Rob Hall and his adventure consultants and where we meet the characters like Brolin's Character Beck Weathers. It is also the ascent from ground level to base camp. The second act follows the group and their interactions with other groups also heading to Everest. We also see our main group and their training or Climatizing as they call it in movie. It is in the second act where the intensity picks up. We learn of all the hazards of climbing Everest and climatizing. The Third Act is the most intense. It is the ascent toward the Summit. A storm is also coming in. Most of the group makes summit before the storm but the storm hits the remainder and this causes problems for them. There is one scene within the film where we have Josh Brolin's character and you think he is dead due to the intense cold and the frost bite, but he is alive and not only that but he gets up from nearly being frozen to death and like a Zombie walks back to base camp. It is one of the most badass things I have ever seen in a film. Most importantly, this is a true story based on the group I mentioned in the beginning of this review. I recommend this film be seen in 3D. The cinematography of the mountain is stunning. Finally, it should be known that the actors that were in the mountain climbing scenes actually took part in the climbing of a real mountain. Yes there were moments of CGI but not all of it was CGI and there were actual mountain climbing involved.

This movie deserves an 8 out of 10.


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