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"I have been greatly inspired by the theory that our consciousness keeps predispositions to various types psychological disorders, deviations and impulses."

Inspirations for the film

Even the most harmless and friendly person can carry violence, murder, sexual disorders and harmful tendencies within them. Sometimes, we suppress these feelings and motives, deep inside ourselves. Other times, we might act on these impulses while not even being aware of it. There is always a possibility that these tendencies can take over the individual, and it does not always depend on the person. in many cases it depends on the environment, the events and experiences that have shaped that individual...

It is these latent tendencies that can either stay undetected for a lifetime or reverse an identity and turn one into a monster, that became the inspiration for my short film.

Actress Yana Chaplygina
Actress Yana Chaplygina


The film was shot entirely on a Canon 550d, for lighting I used two DIY fluorescent light sources. This was how we were able to create dirty and moody look. My experience as a music video director/editor has definitely influenced my style, inspiring the rhythmic visual style of Internal Monsters. We wanted to use short frames combined with big sounds to create a thrilling atmosphere.

The easiest part of the whole process was working with the actress, Yana. She did a great job, improvising and transitioning between scenes and different personas. She is also an excellent fashion designer and had a big influence on styles and costumes sed in the film! The whole process was very exciting. Every time when you look through a camera, see how your story comes alive, it's very inspiring.

I hope you'll enjoy what we have done.

Internal Monsters

Directed by Serge Vane | Starring Yana Chaplygina

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