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The Martian Review

Warning: Some Possible Spoilers

Alright, first off I gotta say I love these types of movies, not the survival aspect, but the realistic Sci Fi aspect. The Martian, Interstellar, and Gravity all have a certain amount of realistic Science within the films that make me glad I had seen the film in theaters. For me the science aspect in a film like this is important because the science is the setting, the backdrop, and if the science is not accurate, one can tell when you are seeing some Hollywood BS or some actual scientific thought process.

The Martian is about an astronaut name Mark Watney and how he was left behind on Mars after his crew thought he was dead due to being hit by some object in a major sandstorm. We as the audience find him alive on Mars and he needs to find a way to contact NASA and survive on Mars until someone rescues him.

The film focuses on Watney's struggles and triumph's while on Mars including him finding a way to contact NASA, NASA's attempts at figuring out how to rescue Watney and NASA's cover up to the crew that Watney is still alive.

This movie is very much a problem solving movie ranging from Watney surviving, to NASA's attempts at rescues, and the Crew's rescue of Watney. Its a very smart movie using real science and real events mixed with science fiction. The actors in this film, all did a great job. Matt Damon as Watney himself, Jessica Chastain as Commander Lewis, and many others. There is large list of characters and every one of them does an exceptional job.

The movie showed what NASA and JPL are like and the type of people who make it up. Its not all serious scientists or awkward nerds, its a combination of the two and it really compliments the portion of the film where it focuses on NASA.

There were many good and intense scenes in the film but there is one scene that just involves Damon's Watney and it shows Damon's acting skills without any dialogue. The scene is when Damon's Watney wakes from unconsciousness and he finds that he has been injured and how he makes it back to the shelter and how he deals with the injury. In the scene you can see and practically feel the pain Watney is feeling in that moment. It is one of my favorite scenes within the whole movie.

Overall the movie was very good. The science in the film was accurate where it needed to be and any sci fi wasn't too glamorized. In fact the movie had almost a better sense of realism than Gravity. I would recommend to see this movie in theaters especially if you like realistic science fiction. I would give this movie an 8.5 out of 10. I would also recommend that when this movie comes out on blu ray or digital download that one should watch it along with Gravity and Interstellar, make it a Realistic Science Fiction Movie Marathon.


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