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Steve Jobs Review

First, before I give my review of the film itself I will tell you why we are getting another Steve Jobs Biopic film in just a couple of years. From my understanding of the history of home computers, Apple and IBM were at the original front of the Home Computer Industry with IBM being the bigger of the two. Then Apple came out with the Apple Two their biggest sell to date at the time and it was far more accessible and user and programmer friendly than anything from IBM or any other computer company. Over the years more computer companies came in like Microsoft for example. Now Apple has had its ups and downs and Microsoft at one point was also bigger than Apple, but then in the nineties, internet became accessible to the public which allowed a revival of Apple and with that Apple released a home computer that was extremely popular and easy to use. Then Apple came out with the IPod, a game changer in music distribution, and then finally the IPhone. What I'm trying to say is this Steve Jobs and Apple were able to integrate the computer into normal society. No longer was the computer viewed as a tool, but it could be looked at as a piece of furniture like a Television. The computer became user friendly, designed not just for programmers or the rich, but the Average Joe. This is why we are having another Steve Jobs Biopic in just a few years.

Now time for the review. The movie takes place basically in three scenes, during the release of three apple products in three different dates in Apple History. The first is in 1984 with the release of the original Macintosh, Second in 1988, when NeXT Box was being released and third with the original IMac in 1998. The film focuses far more on Steve and his relationships with his Daughter and her Mother, as well as Steve's Friends/Enemies/Rivals, which includes Steve Wozniak, Joanna Hoffman, John Sculley and Andy Hertzfeld than the company of Apple.

Michael Fassbender plays Jobs, Kate Winslet Hoffman, Seth Rogen Wozniak, Jeff Bridges as Sculley and Michael Stuhlbarg as Hertzfeld. Fassbender captures the personality of Jobs very well and with Aaron Sorkin's writing it makes his performance quite believable. Kate Winslet Jeff Bridges and Seth Rogen all do quite well with their respective roles. I especially enjoy seeing the relationship between Jobs and Wozniak in this film and how both Fassbender and Rogen do very well almost sparring against one another in one important scene within the third act. The film is quite enjoyable and I am a bit biased due the fact that it is Aaron Sorkin's writing and I always enjoy watching anything by Sorkin. The film is good though and far superior to the other Steve Jobs Biopic that came out in 2011 with Ashton Kutcher.

I would give the film a score of 7.5 out of 10.


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