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Bronson Review

Okay so this movie has been out since 2008 and it stars Tom Hardy. I gotta say I didn't know anything about the movie or what is was gonna be about, but I learned it was about Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson.

Right from the get go, I was hooked. No seriously, ten minutes within the film, I stopped the film and said to myself, holy crap this movie is good and Tom Hardy's portrayal of Charles Bronson is frighteningly well done. The movie showed Hardy's acting chops, at least for a character who is questionably insane. The movie itself goes back and forth between Bronson's life and what appears to be Bronson acting out and telling his story to an audience. It is in these moments, that I can tell they picked the right actor to play Bronson. The movie was entirely the Tom Hardy Show, other actors playing other people were good, but it was Hardy that really shined. I can't say enough, it was an excellent portrayal. The movie is a bit short, only and hour and a half and it is rated R. Also you might want to have subtitles on before seeing the film for the English accent is quite heavy and can be hard to understand at times without it. I would recommend seeing this film especially if you like seeing movies about more obscure subjects or about infamous criminals/prisoners.

I actually while writing this, thought that this movie might be a decent companion movie to Black Mass, even though both movies have no connection to one another. Each movie focuses on the criminal and what their reasoning behind their motives are. I would give this movie a solid 8 out 10. The portrayal of Charles Bronson by Tom Hardy is the main reason for this score.


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