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Django Unchained Review

In honor of Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight coming out in both December and January, I have decided to review the other western that Tarantino both produced and directed.

I myself am a Tarantino fan and have seen many of his films. Django Unchained follows the character Django, a slave given his freedom by his eventual friend Dr. King Schultz. Together they partner up as bounty hunters where eventually the two learn about each other's past and they decide to rescue Django's wife who has also been bound in slavery. The rescue leads them to face a difficult group of people.

Throughout the whole film, we see the many subtle things that make Tarantino a good and unique modern blockbuster director. There are so many small and subtle things that if you are Tarantino fan you will pick, but still works so well you wouldn't be angry by it.

I cannot tell you how much I love this film. From the fact that its a journey of two men and their bounty hunting. To the subtle things like manners that Dr. King Schultz teaches Django along the way, to they way that Django gets revenge on the men that beat him and his wife so brutally. To the fact that a cameo had Django meet the original Django (from the 60's) in a bar scene. And finally how Django becomes the Fastest Gun in the South.

This movie deserves a perfect 10 in my book. Everything about this movie is perfect. I will say this though, if you are not a fan or are uncomfortable of a lot of blood or the use of certain derogatory terms then may not want to see the film, but if you can handle it, then see the film, then buy on it DVD or BluRay. It is that good of a film.


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