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Last night, the CW's Dawn of the Justice League premiered an extended look at all upcoming DC movies, including Wonder Woman. They have also released the photo above, which clearly shows Ms. Prince and Steve Trevor – they're both in civilian clothes, and include a look at the shield and sword from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie!

From these two photos, we can see that the time period is World War I. Here's the last image that was released today of the new Wonder Woman movie.

Warner Brothers also shared some new Suicide Squad posters (below), and a new trailer for the movie out in August.

To go along with these amazing photos, Connie Nielsen was cast as Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother. You may remember her from Gladiator and more recently, The Following. She is a talented actress, and should help make Wonder Woman stand-out in the upcoming blockbusters.

Warner Brothers also released this amazing poster for 'Suicide Squad'! Tomorrow on The CW, 'Dawn of the Justice League' @9:30 P.M, 'Suicide Squad' hit theaters Aug 6, 2016, 'Wonder Woman' hit theaters June 23, 2017


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