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Over the decade my interest in films has grown to where I would like to express how movies are an influence and a reflection of our society
Steven Belknap

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

I don't know about you, but how many movies can you think of at the top of your head where the sequel is better than the original. Thats what I think about Empire Strikes Back. It is clearly the strongest of the Original Trilogy. We follow up where we last saw our hero's after a major victory against the main villain and the empire. Each of the characters go through certain amounts of character development, and we're even introduced to new onesmore than halfway into the film. Luke goes through serious development as a character from his training to his understanding of the force to the shocking development that the main villain Darth Vader is his father. Han and Leia go through character development particularly with each other as there feelings for each other reach a climax and profess there love for each other. The new characters that we meet are in the form of Yoda an old master who taught Obi-Wan and Lando, a friend/rival of Han Solo. Even the villain goes through character development where he also learns the truth of his son Luke which he in turn reveals to his own son.

Its much more than just character development that makes this movie great it is also the locations. One of the best parts of the film is the battle on Hoth, a snow planet. One of the most critical battles occurs here and it is a crushing loss for the rebels. There are so many iconic moments in this movie as well that it literally makes the movie better than its predecessor.

There are rare moments that I would ever give a perfect score but this movie is one of them. A 10 out of 10.


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