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Star Wars Force Awakens Review

I'm going to put as little spoilers in this review as possible

First of all, The Hype is real. The movie is very good, if you do not have a ticket yet, I feel sorry for you for there are a lot of theaters that are already packed. The acting choices for the new main characters were spot on perfect. Daisy Ridley was astounding, and John Boyega was a joy to watch. Oscar Isaac was great. Adam Driver truly frightening to watch at times. Seeing the legacy cast, especially Harrison Ford, Peter Mayhew, and Carrie Fisher was an exciting thing to see. The film had plenty of nods harking back to the original trilogy but it wasn't over powering with the nostalgia that it overshadowed the main plot of the story. The plot, without going into too many details has more of a complex story than the original, but has certain amounts of simplicity that anyone can follow the plot without being confused. That also means that the story is not driven by the plot but by the characters and their development. That is one thing that matches the original trilogy and what was missing in the prequels, character driven plot. Other things that were great were the sound affects, hearing some of your favorite sounds that you were expecting that came from the original trilogy are back. Speaking of sound, the music, the score, John Williams is back people and the music sounds great. From the moment the movie began you heard what you were expecting to hear with the star wars theme. Finally with the beginning, I had heard there was some rambling about the title card and crawl. Well do not fear, the title crawl is back to give you the information you need for the film.

Now that I have seen all current seven films I am also torn, for I would like to rank these films from strongest to weakest using the chronological order of the films. Here is my list from strongest to weakest. 5 (Empire), 7 (Force Awakens), 4 (New Hope), 6 (Return), 3 (Revenge), 1 (Phantom), 2 (Clones) 5746312. This was a very difficult decision to make because 7 is fantastic but comparing to 5 it falls just a little short. If you are wondering why I chose this, go see the movie for yourself. Of course this is just my opinion and you all probably have your own. As a score out of 10. I gave Return an 8, New Hope a 9 and Empire a 10, Force Awakens goes at a 9.5 out of 10. I recommend this film to be seen in theaters and to get it when it comes out on Bluray


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