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The Hateful Eight Review

One thing you can count on in a Quentin Tarantino film is dialogue, lots and lots of dialogue. Thats not to say this movie is bad, the movie is very good, its just very Tarantino to have a lot of dialogue in his films. And blood too, lots and lots of blood.

So I came into this film not really knowing what would happen, what even the plot was. All I knew was the Eight of which the namesake of the movie describes and their respective professions.

The story goes that we have a bounty hunter and has kidnapped a criminal and he is in wagon chained to his bounty with a blizzard right on their tail. We then meet another bounty hunter andhis request for a ride to avoid the blizzard as well. Then we meet a sheriff, with the same predicament, needing a ride. So we have the four of them, plus the driver go to a rest stop to get out of the storm. It is then within this rest stop that we meet the other 4 of the Eight. One of the remaining four we can tell is a former confederate general, the other three remain somewhat a mystery.

It is here where the story gets interesting. In total we have nine people stuck in this rest stop for a few days until the blizzard blows over, and many things go on in this rest stop, and without revealing too much I will stop the summary there.

Overall the movie is pretty good but since there wasn't much of a destination or moving about, it can seem a little long, which is why I mentioned dialogue, because when you are stuck in a place for a few days, a lot of dialogue occurs between people.

The performances were all well done, but probably the best performance in the movie was Jennifer Jason Leigh as the Criminal. My favorite performance in this movie though had to be Kurt Russell, playing one of the bounty hunters, a brash, big talking and walking, no nonsense bounty hunter.

The movie was good as I mentioned, but I wouldn't put it as my favorite Tarantino film, that honor goes to Django Unchained, nor would I put it as the best Tarantino film. Of his eight films, The Hateful Eight could be put as his fourth or fifth best, with Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, and possibly Kill Bill Vol 1. preceding it. See it theaters, and more importantly a theater that does 70 mm screens, but if not still see it in theaters. 8 out of 10.


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