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The act of valor shown by these men being hell bent to save the U.S. Embassy in the face of turmoil in Libya. This is the real perspective on what happened on the ground when 'everything went wrong' and there was 'no air support' and everything was literally about to go down south.

This movie is directed by Michael Bay (yes the same one that's renown for explosions and Transformers) and starring John Krasinski (as Jack Silva), James Badge Dale (as Rone), Pablo Schreiber (as Tanto), Max Martini (as Oz), David Denman (as Boon), and Dominic Fumusa (as Tig). They did eventually meet and work with the real people that went through the actual events so they would get the gist of who they are representing. From tactical training to military fitness, these actors put their all to fully embody what actually happened behind the news feed on CNN.

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

And finally here is the Red band trailer for this movie:

Here's the Green band trailer if you so choose to:

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