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13 Hours Review

Michael Bay gets a bad reputation for his movies and for good reason, most of them are relative trash, with only a few of them being good. I am referring to of course The Rock, Bad Boys and Transformers 1. So as you can imagine I was relatively weary about going into this film, but I received a tip from a friend of mine that the movie was a lot better than he was expecting. With that in mind I saw the movie and I was not disappointed.

The movie if you do not know gives us a look of what had happened in Benghazi Libya in 2012 with the death of the United States Ambassador to Libya and some state officials. The movie is put in the perspective of highly trained military contractor specialists and some CIA members and how they dealt with the situation that occurred that day. Now the movie has had some scenes and events that has sparked some controversy for the film, but I do not know the events that happened and I am rating this as a movie and only that.

The movie stars James Badge Dale as Tyrone Woods, John Krasinski as Jack Da Silva, Max Martini as Mark Geist, and many others. They do a good job portraying military contractors and certainly look the part when they kick butt in the film.

As a film, This is one Michael Bay's better films, where his normal ridiculousness and stupidity is mostly thrown out of the window for a more serious military film. And since military stuff is normally within Bay's wheelhouse, he certainly makes it look cool while maintaining its seriousness. The dialogue has small amounts of Bayisms but mostly the dialogue is plot driven. Finally, the movie is a bit long, I wishing it had been a few minutes shorter, but overall the action, pace and direction were good. I give it 7 out of 10.


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