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Fury Review

I originally saw this movie in the theaters but I never did a review so I decided to re-watch and review this movie. Its a war film that focuses on a Tank crew during WW2. Specifically its a crew that is manning a Sherman Tank, the standard tank used by the Americans used in WW2. The setting of the film takes place in 1945 Germany at the end of the War when Hitler calls for Total War for all its citizens. The crew is tired battered and beaten and where we find them, they just lost one member of their crew only to be replaced by a very new and green soldier barely in the army.

The movie is very character driven focusing on the ensemble cast, all of which do a superb job in each of their roles. We learn each member of the tank crew has specific job that they need to do within the tank for it to run and battle properly.

The movie stars Brad Pitt as Wardaddy, Shia LeBeouf as Bible, Logan Lerman as Norman, Michael Pena as Gordo, and Jon Bernthal as Coon. Each one of them does an exceptional job with Pitt and Lerman having the biggest focus.

One of the best parts of the film is knowing that a lot of the film had practical effects. The actual cast learned how to operate an actual WW2 Sherman Tank. This is one of the coolest aspects. But not only that, they also bonded as group for they had to go to a "boot camp" as ordered by the director David Ayer. The movie had a level of authenticity that other war films don't always have. The director poured over old WW2 footage and used real tactics for extras in the film to make the film look authentic as possible. The film can seem a little slow at times but the main aspect focuses on character development more than anything else. I enjoyed this film for its authenticity, practicality and character development and that's why I am giving this film an 8 out of 10.


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