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*Warning* This article contain SPOILERS from the books, and television show - 'Game of Thrones'....

The night is dark, and full of terrors — because HBO's Game of Thrones, is running out of George R.R. Martin's source material. I've been enamored with the show since 2011, and my only wish, if the showrunners wants to shock audiences — would be for them to study It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the art of the WTF moments!

Ever since I read A Dance With Dragons, the anticipation of seeing Drogon in the fighting pits of Mereen built up — and when the show delivered, I was slapping hi-fives to the air! Sansa marrying Ramsay made sense from a narrative point-of-view — but the exclusion of Aegon, the mummer's dragon (?), left me pondering. Jorah Mormont, was the one who contracted Greyscale, (not Jon Connington) and who are the other heads of the Dragon? Maester Aemon, in A Feast For Crows, made this claim to be a dire necessity!

Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are the alleged parents of Jon Snow (— what happened if instead of having one child, they had a Luke and Leia?) Ned Stark, was not the only northerner that survived the Tower of Joy. Remember, when all this was going on, The Mountain was painting the walls red with Targaryen babies; by the decree of Tywin Lannister.

Ned Stark could not bring home two children, Catelyn was furious with one — so he gave Howland Reed, a trusted northerner, the gift of a baby girl! This is why Jojen sacrificed himself — not only for Bran, but because the importance of Meera! (Prediction!) I would love to see Tyrion ride Rhaegal, (in the books, he dreamed of this a lot), but Meera will ride Rhaegal, Jon will ride Viserion, and I will ride... I mean, Dany will ride Drogon (again). I am very curious to find out if this is true... why is it called A Song of Ice and Fire?

Valar Morghulis - 'All Men Must Die' Especially in Season 6

Jaime, sorry Kingslayer,this will be the end
Jaime, sorry Kingslayer,this will be the end

Oh Winds of Winter, how I yearn for thee embrace, just to know who will takeover, Cersei's place! I have read every book in the series - and this season will face a monumental challenge, creating their own character arcs, to satisfy a ravenous fan base. There's no source material, to help guide the writers to a satisfying plot points that will further the agendas for GOT's biggest players. I will hold judgement until April, but I'll scheme on all things to come!

Jon Stark Will Lead the Northern Army vs. The Boltons

The obvious choice of Jon Snow's resurrection - Melissandre with R'hllor (I don't care, as long Ghost isn't without Jon). In A Dance With Dragons, Jon was going to use the Night's Watch to fight Ramsay. In the show, Stannis wanted Jon to claim the title, Lord of Winterfell, so he could ally with a northerner. Jon will become Lord, and fight the Boltons - but he will also try to gather an army, to stop the impending White Walkers. He will be the mouthpiece,to warn the world of the scariest army EVER!

Victarion Greyjoy will accompany Dany to Westeros

I hope they'll show the Kingsmoot, and Victarion will already be on his way to Essos! Euron will have the horn to control dragons, and Vic's job will be to trick Dany to come back with him. I hope they skip her and Khal Pono arguing - or worst having unspeakable actions done to her. The Dothraki respects power, and I'll would be inclined to say, that Dany's other two pets, will join and she instantly wins over the Dothraki. Euron Greyjoy, is one of the worst people in GOT, and that is saying a lot! I hope that somehow, they pick up Tyrion - Tyrion explains who Vic is, and the Dothraki kills him, and they set sail to Westeros! (With the Unsullied,Dothraki, 3 Dragons, Second Sons, and whoever else joins them!)

Cersei and King's Landing

Robert Strong will win trial by combat on Cersei's behalf.Margery Tyrell will commit suicide, and soon followed by Tommen. (I am not entirely sure, but I believe they'll both die this season!) Jaime will seek out Brienne of Tarth - he'll ask her to help him exact revenge on Dorne. She'll say no, because she will be protecting Sansa Stark.( On a side note, one of my favorite lines in Feast For Crows, when his Aunt Genna says he was not Tywin's son, Tyrion was!) Jaime demise will come at the hands of a Sand Snake. I am not George RR Martin, so I do not have any details, but I think this would fit his arc. I personally want to see Brynden Tully and Jaime at Riverrun!

Little Finger and Lord Varys will be very busy in scheming this season. Varys is a Targaryen supporter, and he will be trying to make King's Landing, even more unstable. Little Finger, I have no clue, but he is one the most dangerous players in the Game of Thrones!

Arya, Sansa, Bran, Rickon

Arya must make her way back to Westeros - I am all for the training under the tutelage of the Faceless Men, but she's a Stark, and she must have a vital role for things to come. When she finds out that Sansa and Jon are leading the north, she will come, ready-to-murder!

Will Bran take control over a Dragon? Will he be flying as the Three-Eyed-Crow? Bran will have a crucial part to play against The White Walkers. The Children of The Forest, might be the only things around, that are old enough to remember vital information about the ice-zombies!

Sansa 'Whytheyputherthroughthat' Stark, just escaped with Reek, from Winterfell. She'll be the one, to stab Ramsay Bolton, in the place - where the heart should be! She's the oldest legitimate Stark alive, and her place will be leading the north, against whatever evil that comes her way!

Are we going to see Osha and Rickon in Skagos? I would love to see, if it's as cannibalistic as everyone claims. Davos should be making his way beyond-the -wall. I have no clue whatsoever, what part Rickon will play in the Game of Thrones?

The Maester's Mission

Oh my darling Samwell, you slayer S.O.B, lover of Gilly's breast-milk (is there any other kind of milk?)! In the books, you find out that the Maesters sole purpose in life, is to eradicate magic - especially dragons. You are at the center of knowledge, Oldtown, and you need to find out about those bloody White Walkers. We'll be seeing Dickon and Randyll Tarly - and I hope that Sam kills them both, in Game of Thrones fashion!


Basically, I want Daenarys, to position herself in Westeros. I want Jon Stark to lead an army against the Southron' Ambitions, and convince people that Winter is Here! I want a full-scale attack against the wall, from the White Walkers! I would like to see the Starks, in a position of power, once more. I would like absolutely NO rape scenes, they're pointless, this far into the show. I hope they'll end the show at season 7, because milking this show, would damage the greatest epic-ever!

I would like to see Varys, talk Tyrion on the Iron Throne (You never know) - I am still debating if the Valonquar is Jaime, or Tyrion (Jaime and Cersei are twins). If the showrunners can manage this in season 6, then season 7 will be the greatest-television-ever! OMG, in season 7, will Jon Snow ride an Ice Dragon? Are the Faceless Men, behind all the evil, in the world? I'll stop, these are predictions,not not-that-crazy theories!

Game Of Thrones season 6 premieres on April 24th @9:00 P.M on HBO!


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