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The way Kylo and Finn fought was like a fight between two brawlers going at it. The deep meaning behind the fight was Kylo's hate for Finn betraying the First Order, and Finn's anger towards Kylo for hurting Rey. Both of these characters displayed a moment in the beginning of them movie: Kylo and Finn were having a face off, foreshadowing the fight at the end of the movie.

One could feel every blow these duelist were dishing out on each other in the theater. It wasn't an elegant fight compared to the PREQUELS, but it felt very real, and it had that dynamic of hate towards one another.

Finn lost to Kylo in the end, and the finishing blow was a saber slash to the back. One could feel the suffering that Finn went through as he fell to the ground unconscious.

A bit about Finn: He's not a force wielder, lacks fighting experience with a light saber, originally he was a coward, and funny thing about him he was a plummer, not a warrior. Finn did his best against an experienced, and unstable fighter. Both landed a good blow to the "Right" shoulder against one another.

A bit about Kylo Ren: Has Skywalker blood in him, a powerful force user, trained by Luke Skywalker, a trained light-saber warrior, and a deadly adversary with a temper. So when you compare the two fighters, and look at the fight between them, Kylo had the edge.

In the end, Finn served as the Catalyst for Rey to shine as the Heroin in the film and defeat Kylo Ren. Overall, great fight between these two duelists. It felt powerful and natural. Looking forward to seeing Finn in action some more, and hopefully he'll get another shot at dueling Kylo Ren.

If you guys want to see the fight for yourself check out the video below and give me your thoughts about this fight:


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