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We live in an era of filmography where it is difficult to write or simply create a unique and original movie idea. Not just to think of it but to put together a half decent script for it and have it makes sense. An idea is just an idea until you try to sort it out with details and clever plot planning but a lot of the films these days could fall short for some. It's either an entire 8 movie series and everyone loses interest after the third installment or it's a remake and all those who loved the original begin to take up arms. Original movie ideas are few and far between but we are thankful for one thing this generation has been able to do well in; the adaptation scheme.

Taking an already established book, video game, comic strip, or old cartoon and bringing a new vision or portrayal to the story. We know the awesome success of the Harry Potter movies and that of the various Marvel movies. So it's safe to say that the last 20 years of film have been, in one way or another have, successful when using ideas already put together in different perspectives and given a chance to shine then brought to the silver screen. Whether for profit or for the simple joy of seeing your favorite comic book character brought to life, these films get most of their popularity not just from film enthusiasts but also from those already drawn into their fan base.

I'll admit a movie like Gone Girl was done quite well and the depictions of Sin City were spot on but I dislike everything they've done to the Resident Evil franchise. But those are merely my bias opinion.

Being that they have begun a rundown on the library to dig up anything they can put together as a movie that would make people want to see it, there are still many ideas out there that haven't been utilized yet or capitalized on. Some of which I would love to see as movie adaptations.

This is hands down one of my favorite Stephen King books. I know, I know, what about 'IT', 'The Stand', 'The Shining', etc etc but this to me is different. This book was suggested to me by the singer in my old band and it caught me off guard.

Stephen King? Writing something that isn't horror related? Maybe I should check it out.

I'll tell you right now, this book is fantastic. It brings you in right from the beginning and keeps you there all the way to the ending. This is also part of a series but, unfortunately, Stephen King has a certain way to his writing. He uses a lot of detail which some may like and I'm not against it but the second book is just too much. I don't need three pages expressing to me how the guy holstered his gun. I just don't.

Besides that, the first book is flawless and I'm certain the series would make for a great screen adaptation. I did read not too long ago that a film was in the works but the script has been floating around and no one has done anything. I think they should get on that pronto.

My father bought me this book when I was 12 I think and I let it sit on my shelf, in a box, in a bag, and simply lugged it around for almost 15 years until i finally read it. Damn it was such a good book. It was short, sweet, and had all the awesome sci-fi stuff you could ask for. I didn't learn until recently that it was also part of a series which i can't wait to continue at some point.

This upsets me a little mainly due to the fact that this is the second part of a series they have already begun. This is part two to the book 'I Am Number Four' which has a movie adaptation that came out in 2011. It's part of the 'I Am Number Four' series and there's a third part as well.

I thought the movie was pretty fucking awesome and I think the concept is very entertaining to see unfold as well. I was surprised when it got bad reviews but I still think there is potential here. I think someone should pick it back up and keep it going.

Tucker Max is something completely different. He is a guy that spent his younger years doing what a lot don't get to do and what most don't do right; he lived his live. He just so happens to be a womanizing, condescending, douche-bag at the same time. But hey, to a person looking at it from the outside, it's fucking hilarious. Maybe I would think differently if I was on the other end of any one of his ridiculous situations but I can't say for sure honestly.

For those that don't know, this is his second book. It is another collection of wild and unbelievable stories from this dudes life. I've read all of his books and this and the first one are the best. They made a film for 'I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell' which I saw before reading the book and I really did like. Than I read it and I understand why most probably didn't like the movie. I still believe this stories have merit and would make a great screen portrayal. Maybe not film but perhaps a TV series? Something man, I wanna see him drunk on a hill with a blow horn shouting that he is a king to a crowd of people!

Are there any books, comics, or such that you would like to see adapted to film? Leave a comment for discussion.


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