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Korean scans of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 8 got leaked a while back. And at this moment I am not going to go into analysis and speculations. I am just going to highlight the major things that happened in this chapter.

Well, the chapter started with the written test that was talked about in chapter 6. And you know all the fighters must pass the written test in order to be able to participate. Many fans predicted either Goku or Buu will fail the test. In my chapter 7 review, I predicted that Buu will fail and that could be the only Gohan might get in. And Buu did fail the test with a mark of 50. Everyone’s obviously pissed off. But, I am not sure what they are doing with that. But, as it appears Universe 7 has to fight with one less fighter. We didn’t see any hint or attempt of bringing a replacement. And that’s very unlikely to happen unless Beerus-Champa agrees upon that in the middle of the tournament.

On the other hand, everyone from U6 passed the written tes. Now, if there’s one less fighter in U7. It’s essentially ruling the tournament in favor of universe 6. Because, you know these 2 are twin universes and the top fighters should have more or less equal powers. So, one less fighter from U7 could end up justifying the winning of universe 6. And what will happen if universe 6 wins? I already made a video about that link is on the description and I am going to attach that video at the end of this one for your convenience anyway.

The tournament also officially started in this chapter. The first match is between Goku and Botamo. Botamo is Winnie the pooh looking bear we all thought would fight Buu. The fight has sequences like Botamo throwing quick punches at Goku and Goku dodging it all, then they both either split into bodies or create illusions due to speed, at the end Goku lands a perfect punch on Botamo it appeared that he might get knocked out but he bounces back and smirks. Well, Goku didn’t power up but neither did Botamo. However, I think this should be an easy win for Goku. Nonetheless, I am expecting an interesting match. And new moves from both the sides, it’s about time Goku get some new and Dragon Ball Super special moves.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 8 English
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 8 English

That’s all about chapter 8 for now. I’ll post detailed analysis soon. I am attaching an earlier video about what might happen if U6 wins here.


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