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Note: Spoilers are ahead. We highly recommend you watch tonight's episode (S01E10).

Tonight's episode saw the introduction of Toyman into the Supergirl universe. The last live-action rendition of Toyman was in Smallville....

Smallville: Toyman
Smallville: Toyman

But lets be realistic, Toyman has had many different appearances over the years. To go to my favorite....

Superman TAS/Justice League Unlimited: Toyman
Superman TAS/Justice League Unlimited: Toyman

Now to look at the new Toyman....

Supergirl: Toyman
Supergirl: Toyman

In the episode, we saw Toyman break out of prison in a fantastic Toyman manner! He then brought his son to their "favorite place". Winslow "Win" Schott Jr arrives looking for his Dad and finds the infamous Toyman. This version of Toyman was much older and well evolved as a character. One might even think that his entire purpose was to make his son, the next Toyman.

We find out that Win was 11 years old when his dad was dragged off by the police. Win is cleared lured into a trap. Supergirl breaks in and gets rid of the poison gas but sucking it all in and releasing it into the atmosphere. Win has now betrayed his father. What does this mean for their relationship? Will they ever have that father/son relationship again?

With that being said, we did see some subplots to Win's Father/Son reunion. We saw:

1) Sister Danvers (Alex) keeping Maxwell Lord busy while Hank (our Martian Manhunter) gets into Lord industries as Maxwell Lord.

2) Cat works to hire Lucy at CatCo. She hints that she may believe there is something going on between Kara and Jimmy.

Kara taking a flying lesson!
Kara taking a flying lesson!

With Hank Henshaw phasing in, he gets caught by a silent alarm and the security guard comes in and asks Hank if he knows what "Project Phoenix" is. Hank then mind-wipes the guard so he cannot identify who was in the room. We later see Hank show serious regret to his actions. Meanwhile Lord see's security footage of the Martian Manhunter from his ghost drive.

With that, lets resume the Toyman story line. Supergirl goes to the factory that Toyman was at and tries to bring Schott in with no issues. Supergirl gets stuck in quicksand while a little girl is in a trunk crying for help. Supergirl freezes the quick sand, breaks out and gets to the trunk where she finds a doll of well, her.

Win shows serious concern over if he will snap one day just like Toyman. Kara tries to comfort him to the best of her ability but Win continues to show serious doubts. Kara compares Win's Dad cracking to her losing her planet. They both lost their entire world in a flash. We then see Win kiss Kara in the moment. Win quickly exits and is abducted by his father.

We see the real father/son reunion as Toyman attempts to explain to Win what he wants. Revenge on his old boss for stealing toy designs in turn stealing Win's childhood. The scene ends with his father declaring "No, I am not going to kill him, you're going to kill him; for me."

We see the plan be run over. Toyman has a toy gun which Win will carry into a Toy Convention, walk to the stage, walk on stage and shoot his (Toyman) old boss, right between the eyes. If he doesn't, Toyman has 10 toy bombs in the convention which will blow up if he doesn't.

We then skip ahead and see Win at the comic convention and walk on stage. As the FBI close in, they open fire on Win. Kara naturally gets there in the nick of time and stops them from killing Win. Win then tells her about the bombs. Kara swoops up, sets off the water sprinkler system and freezes the water. We then see the bombs go off and shoot ice everywhere. Kara then apprehends Toyman and it's done!

We then see Kara and Win have a discussion about their shared kiss. Win voices that he has feelings for Kara and he was too scared to stand up for himself. But he didn't want to be like his Dad so he will be honest. He is in love with Kara. He wants things to change. He wants to be able to love her.

Kara then flies around the city to clear her mind. She returns home to find Alex preparing for Game of Thrones and pizza. We then see Alex's purse and see Lord watching Alex and Kara.

The take away.....

What of Win's emotions? Will he and Kara be a couple? Will we see Win crack? Will he become the next Toyman?

What of the girl in Lord's lab? Who will she be? What of Lord finding out Alex and Kara are sisters? What Game of Thrones episode were they watching?

What of Lucy working at CatCo? Will this be good for Jimmy/Lucy? Or bad for Kara/Jimmy?

So many questions...stay tuned for the next episode of Supergirl on CBS, January 25th!


Which Toyman is your favorite?


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