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So I was re-watching the Spongebob movie today on netflix, you know, the good one. Made in 2004 I think. Yeah that one, and I didn't even have to go past the first half hour to know why this movie would be rated R if it was made in modern times.

Like all cartoons, there are hidden jokes and innuendos that only adults would get. Thats fine. But this movie takes it to a whole new level. But this film, made 12 years ago, got a PG rating! Now I know you're thinking "Well its just a cartoon, and it's spongebob! Aren't you over thinking this?" Damn right i'm over thinking it, but i'm having fun.

Within the first half our of the film, this is what I have noticed:

Cartoon violence

  • Spondgebob slapping Mr. Krabsabs

Sexual violence

  • Spongebob puts himself into squidwards shower w/o consent

Three attempted murders:

  • Spondgebob getting kicked out of a window
  • spongebob stepping on and scrapping plankton on the ground
  • King Neptune trying to fry Mr. Krabs

Four accounts of nudity:

  • Sponge butt
  • Full frontal patrick
  • Patrick butt
  • Full frontal Mr. Krabs

Many innuendos:

  • A lot to list, but one specific one is plankton looks an evil plan, and opens it like a porno trifold!

Two accounts of political incorrectness:

  • Mr. Krabs saying only a man can run a business
  • Using depression as part of a joke at SpongeBobs expense.

And the two main characters getting drunk/hungover at a bar.

This was in the first Half hour!

I haven't even watched the rest of the film yet, I paused to watch this, but golly me there is a lot.

I know there is more, I remember SpongeBob and Patrick being tortured to death, I remember David hasslehoffs boobies, and I bet there is even more! I tell you, this movie would not get made if it was pitched in today society. But, it is a great movie, and I love it dearly, I grew up on SpongeBob, and I'm glad this movie was made. I just think that, innuendos are one thing, but this, this went all out. I tip my metaphorical hat the the team of people who brought this movie into assistance. Thank you.


What do you think? Am I crazy?


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