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noun: informal
a close but nonsexual relationship between two men.

It’s been a beautiful year of bromances and many more are born every day. Now, I personally don’t think bromance knows gender, which is why I’m also recognizing beautiful womances and male/female friendships. A friendship as strong as a bromance knows no bounds and these are the beautiful couples that represent them.

8. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer

This duo has come to our lives in this past year and quickly became the bromance to watch. Ashu and Jlaw are not only bros in real life, but they’re soon going to bro-up our screens with their new movie together.

7. Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy

Unnoticed by me, these two have several movies together under their belt and it seems like every film together brings them closer. Whether they’re enjoying the game or admiring each other on set, this relationship is blooming into something special.

6. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford

Every once in a while make your way over to Carrie’s twitter. The woman is hysterical and beyond real. Her relationship with her costars hasn’t lost its flame. Her and Harrison still look amazing together and they’re having none of our shit. Also it’s always great to see a beautiful boy/girl friendship and they do it so well.

5. Bucky and Captain America

These two are getting a whole movie to work out their issues and Captain America seems to have made a clear choice – Bucky over the Avengers (sorry Iron Man, this dude has room for only one man in his heart).

4. Chris Pratt and Chris Evans

They go around to hospitals in their Marvel uniforms bringing joy to children, it can't get more bromantic than this. On camera and off, these two have some mean chemistry and their using their love to make us happy.

3. Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus / Daryl and Rick

Both onscreen and off, these two bring bromance to a whole new meaning. Brothers, friends, leaders, they trust each other fully in a world where you can trust no one. Daryl and Rick haven’t had enough personal time this season since they’re busy saving Alexandria from falling, but off-screen the sparks are still flying. This is a love that never fades.

2. Carol and Daryl

Yes, they’re above Daryl and Rick! While Daryl and Rick may have some pretty strong love going on there, Carol and Daryl are family! The way these two feel about each other is above romantic love (despite all the speculation, these characters don’t have a romantic relationship, thank god, and never should). Their camaraderie and mutual understanding is something every bromance could wish for.

1. John Boyega and Oscar Isaac - Finn and Poe (Star Wars: Force Awakens)

Star Wars just hit the screen and immediately became a huge success (though who would have doubted it). These two (maybe) lovebirds have already established their own fandom and serious rumors about the first openly gay couple in a major film. We don’t know where Finn’s and Poe’s relationship will take them, but there are a few of us who hope they’ll let this bromance blossom into a romance.


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