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There's something new on the Internet every day about Deadpool. Whether it's a new viral video, billboard, or news story, the anticipation for Wade Wilson's big screen debut (X-Men Origins doesn't count) couldn't be greater.

Earlier today even, it was announced that Deadpool would be banned in China for its excessive violence. I can't help but smirk at such terrific news. But some other news broke in the last day, and that was that fans in New York City and Los Angeles would get to screen the film a month early. Remind yourself of the red band trailer here:

It was originally believed these audiences would see an extended sneak preview, but they were surprised with the entire hard R-Rated film. Ryan Reynolds was able to watch the film in New York while co-star, T.J. Miller, screened it in L.A. More than most movies, the question has always been how this film might be received by its die-hard fans and the general public. But now the wait is over, and here are some of the tweets gaining attention:

How do you feel about these tweets? Are they fanboy-gut reactions or are these legitimate? We will all find out in one month!


Do these tweets make you more excited to see Deadpool?


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