ByAlaric Viola, writer at
Alaric Viola

Consider the scars on Snoke's head and face. They line up with Vader's as shown just before Vader dies and his helmet is removed. Even the corners of his mouth have some wear in the same place that Vader's lower portion of his mask meet his lips. I know. I know.... Vader's dead! But what was it that drove Vader to the Dark Side in the first place? The rumor that the Dark Side had the ability to bring back the dead. Furthermore, Disney has hired Hayden to revise his role as Vader in upcoming films. Not only that, but they hired a team to train Hayden for his parts. Now how much training does someone need to play a Force Ghost? Not much if any. So what are these guys training him for except perhaps some very physical parts, like sword fighting, maybe some parkor? You know, things living people would use.


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