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It's almost February, and you know what that means. It's almost Deadpool Day! It's nearly time to celebrate everyone's favorite chimichanga-loving, pancake-flipping, gun-slinging anti-hero!

While Deadpool Day isn't real (yet), after Deadpool releases in theaters on February 12, whoever's in charge of making new holidays will surely want to commemorate such a momentous occasion!

Until then, there are other ways to celebrate the Merc with a Mouth, like writing an article all about the side characters of Deadpool!

After all, Deadpool can't have a movie by himself can he? The mouthy mercenary certainly has enough charisma to keep us interested in his shenanigans for a long period of time, but he's going to need a good group of supporting characters for his first full-length feature film!

Luckily, there are a number of interesting characters that - like Deadpool - are jumping from the comic pages to the big screen for the first time! Check out the few of them in the NSFW red band trailer!

I looked at one such character, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, in a previous article. This time around, instead of just focusing on one supporting character, I've decided to delve into background of several of them. First up, I'll be taking a short journey into the history of two very important Deadpool characters - Ajax and Blind Al!

Meet Ajax!

Ajax is an incredibly ripped mutant who appears mostly in X-Men and Deadpool related comics! Ajax is usually seen as a D-list Marvel villain; he's not exactly on the level of A-listers like Thanos or Doctor Doom.

But that might change soon, as Ajax will be featured in Deadpool as the primary antagonist - portrayed by Ed Skrein. Now, first off, as cool a name Ajax is, it isn't his real one. No, a badass like this guy deserves a much more frightening name than Ajax. One that strik

es fear into the heart of his enemies! One that shakes them to the core! One like... Francis Fanny!

Yep, Francis Fanny. Following in line with Marvel's trend of alliterated names (Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, etc.), Francis's first and last name begin with the letter of F. So with that in mind, you can't really blame Marvel for making Fanny his surname.

After all, how many last names beginning with F can there possibly be? Farmer? Farlow? Falcone? None of these names truly capture just how threatening this incredibly serious villain is like Fanny does.

Anyway, Francis... Fanny first appeared in 1998 in 'Deadpool #14.' He was an enforcer for Doctor Killebrew, the infamous doctor who experimented on Wade Wilson, transforming him into Deadpool. Francis was also experimented on by Killebrew. The mad doctor gave him implants for enhanced strength, super-speed and agility - as well as removing his nerves to better deal with pain.

Like most people who meet Deadpool, Francis wasn't what you would call a fan. In fact, he tried to kill Deadpool by removing his heart. Unfortunately for Francis, Wilson's healing factor kicked in and grew him a new heart. Deadpool returned the favor by later snapping Francis's neck, supposedly killing him.

But since this is a comic book, not even a BROKEN NECK could keep Francis down! He returned, now with the name Ajax, to exact his revenge on Deadpool. He fought Deadpool and punched him right off a cliff. But again, comics. And not just any comics, but DEADPOOL comics, so of course Deadpool survived this and killed Ajax again.

Surprisingly, Ajax stayed dead this time. But there's always the chance that he'll get brought back one day. The Ajax in the Deadpool film looks noticeably different than the one in the comics, so it's unclear just how much he'll share with his comic book counterpart. Here's hoping that he gets the same physical upgrades - if not in this movie, then in one of the countless sequels and spin-offs we know Deadpool will ultimately get!

Blind Al

Blind Al is Deadpool's stubborn and tough-as-nails best friend. Blind Al will be portrayed by longtime actress Leslie Uggums.

Blind Al has been with Deadpool through thick and thin, offering him great advice and helping him during his many wild adventures. Yes, she may be old and blind, but Blind Al hasn't let any of that hold her back!

Real name Althea, Al first appeared in 'Deadpool #1' (she's been there since the beginning). Her backstory is somewhat of a mystery. No one knows her last name, or where exactly she came from. It's also revealed that she has some history with the British Intelligence, but it's unknown what exactly she had to do with them.

Nevertheless, she was apparently interesting enough to be a target for the Merc with a Mouth. Deadpool was hired to kill her, but perhaps in a moment of pity, he killed everyone else around her and let her free. Don't get all sentimental yet though, Deadpool eventually ended up kidnapping her and holding her prisoner.

Don't feel too bad for ol' Blind Al though, she can more than handle her own against Deadpool! Despite being his prisoner, Al's relationship with Wade was that of a friend, mentor, and even a mother figure.

The two had a very odd relationship, one you could only expect to see in a Deadpool comic. Both would constantly verbally abuse each other, and D-pool would often place Al in a tiny room he called "The Box".

Despite all this, Blind Al had at least a little authority over Deadpool, offering him advice and keeping him in check when he was acting a little too out of control (which was often). And Deadpool, despite constantly mocking her lack of vision, showed that he genuinely does care for Blind Al.

A strangely romantic D-pool moment
A strangely romantic D-pool moment

There have of course been a ton of obstacles in their unstable relationship, but overall, Deadpool and Blind Al have been almost as inseparable as Deadpool and the word 'chimichanga'!

So now you know a little more about Ajax, Deadpool's sworn enemy, and Blind Al, Deadpool's longtime friend/prisoner/housekeeper/a bunch of other things!

You can check out Ajax and Blind Al alongside Wade Wilson himself when Deadpool hits theaters February 12!

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