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Formerly Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe might star in an upcoming biopic that centers on the creator of the mega violent, morally wrong video game series Grand Theft Auto. I think the idea seems kind of insane but who knows what the script could really look like when it is developed. Could we see some really in-humane killing, prostitutes, etc, etc.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Radcliffe is actually in negotiations to star in a film called Grand Theft Auto, about British video game legend, Sam Houser.

Houser co-founded the New York-based Rockstar Games and became an essential creative mind behind the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto series, as well as many other super violent titles such as the western-based thriller of the Red Dead series, the movie-inspiring Max Payne games, and Manhunt.

This would no-doubt be an intriguing role for Daniel Radcliffe as he continues his efforts to get away from his post-Potter portfolio by taking a wide array of roles. This would definitely be to avoid the Hollywood suction of being put into a single character only actor. This role will certainly be more reality-grounded than Radcliffe’s last film role in Victor Frankenstein, where he played Igor, the mad scientist's assistant. The Grand Theft Auto project has yet to lock-down production plans or a release date.

Do you guys want to see a Grand Theft Auto movie, and could it possibly star Daniel Radcliffe? What do you guys think of the trailer as well, vote down below and check out the fan trailer up above.

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