ByChristian Gifford, writer at

If the movie was intended to be rated R or that is what it should be for the following reasons 1. Thats who deadpool is he is increadably violent and he is really sexual if you take those two parts away it's not making him like him; it's like the woleriene movie he was in where his katanas we're in his arms and he had his mouth sowen shut it wasn't really him that's not who he was. 2. if parents want to take there kids to see it that's their disicion. I saw plenty of R rated movies before I was 7. parents can see it before hand or wait for reviews before taking kids to it. We as adults shouldn't be punished because people think it's too violent or too sexual for the younger generation to view it. He isn't your typical "hero" he is known as the "anti-hero" because he isn't all good he killed other heros for fun in his comics. We shouldn't have to censor everything for everyone. If you don't want to see it the way it was made to be seen how's about you I don't know DON'T GO SEE IT it's your decision in the end to see it or not. Just because you think it's too much for you or your kids doesnt mean I shouldn't see it that way either. If your going to change the movie to be less violent or sexual change the character and name of the movie. Call it "Not so Deadpool :calm and well behaved edition".


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