ByNaveen Dravid, writer at

5. Asylum

Great, likeable characters. Very awesome dark tone. Great storylines throughout. Amazing twists and turns. The last 2 episodes weren't very great and were pretty boring actually. The alien sub plot could've been good if it were brought up more and if it was explained in the finale.

4. Murder House

Amazing start to the best show on T.V. Amazing characters and storylines. Tate and Violet are perfect. What could've been a cliché ghost story turned out to be very original and awesome.

3. Coven

Love the campiness. Great dialogue between all of the characters. Really twisted and awesome. Never slows down. Awesome additions of real people in time such as Madame Delphine Lalaurie, Marie Laveau and The Axeman.

2. Freak Show

Love the storylines and interactions between the freaks and other people. Twisty The Clown is probably the scariest Clown ever. Very interesting and likeable characters. Awesome throwback and period piece.

1. Hotel

The most recent season promised to be the best and did not disappoint. Lady Gaga is amazing in this as The Countess and definitely deserved her golden globe for her first on screen performance. Very bloody and frightening. Amazing characters and relationships throughout. It was clear before it even came out that it would be the best season yet.


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