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Winn chats with his dad, confesses feelings for Kara, and tries to kill a guy. All on this weeks Supergirl.


Winn's Dad Is Not A Good Guy

We knew that Winn and his dad, Winslow Schott, Sr., had a bad relationship. We even knew that Senior was not a good guy. Turns out, he actually is a crazy man who killed a bunch of people. Senior apparently lost his job because some other guy stole his toy designs. So, instead of just being angry, he was angry and decided to send a toy filled with explosives to the other guy. Which got him the name "Toyman".

This all matters because Senior decided to escape prison. And the FBI thinks that he would reachout to Winn. They were right and Winn goes and meets him. Considering this was in the middle of the episode, he escapes. Well, actually, he was never there because he was a hologram or something. Anyway, long story short, Winn gets kidnapped and ordered to kill the man who stole his father's designs or Senior would set off ten more bombs that would kill a lot of people.

And Winn almost did it. He was almost willing to do that to save people. In the end, Supergirl saves the day, everyone serves, and Toyman ends up back in jail. And though this was a great episode for Winn, and Senior's insistence that Winn was "his greatest creation" was creppy, this storyline was best used to forward the Winn/Kara relationship.

Winn is in love with Kara. We know that the moment we met him. In this episode, Kara found out. When Kara was trying to comfort Winn in a very non-romantic way, Winn takes his chance to kiss her. And promptly gets shot down. And later, when Kara was just trying to ignore what happened, Winn wasn't having it. He didn't want to pretend anymore. Jeremy Jordan and Melissa Benoist were both wonderful in these scene and sold it so well. And if Winn ever turns evil, I guarantee you can like back at this point as the start.

Lucy Got A Job And James Is Not Exactly Happy About It

The show actually started with Lucy in Cat Grant's office. Cat is ready to offer Lucy a job as CatCo's legal adviser And Lucy seems ready to take it. But James seems hesitant. Not because he doesn't want to wok with Lucy, but because he apparently isn't ready to put down the camera. I honestly didn't pay much attention to this plotline, but it did give us a moment when Lucy called Cat nice and Kara stated "No one has ever said that before".

Alex Goes On A Date With A Villain

In the second subplot, Alex and Kara try to convince Hank to use his powers for good. He keeps resisting for reasons, one we find out later in the episode. However, they do convince him to sneak into Lord Industries to see what is behind the locked door they found last episode. To do this, they needed to get Lord out of there, and so Alex goes on a date with Maxwell. The date is forgettable and quite honestly. I really hope this doesn't lead to a time when Alex is forced to choose between Kara and Maxwell. And Alex is not dumb enough to miss the camera that Maxwell planted on her, right? It was a cute scene between the sisters, but that just annoyed me.

Now to the good part of this plot line. Hank shape-shifts into Maxwell to get into the building. Along the way, he runs into Maxwell's assistant, and takes quite a few jabs at Maxwell and his appearance.

When he gets into the room, he takes pictures of everything and even sees the girl that is there. He does get caught, however, as he accidentally set of an alarm when he entered the room. And here is when we find out one of the reasons he didn't want to use his powers. Turns out, he might not be able to control them. He erased a security guard's memories, and I mean all of them, when he was just trying to erase some of them. Oh, and Lord has video of him breaking in, but that is just an afterthought.

So, What Did You Think Of This Week's Supergirl?


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