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The weekend is HERE, and so is the top 10. What a week it has been, ladies and gentlemen. From the new fan-friggin-tastic Suicide Squad trailer to the Wonder Woman footage, to the midseason premiere of Arrow and The Flash, need I say more? Enough inspiration to keep creating fantastic posts I'd say. Let's get right to it, without further ado, here are this week's cream of the crop. Happy Friday!

1. Mini Avengers Series BY Pack Kuchu

Most of us view the Avengers are a group of strong, badass superheroes who can take down a villain or two. Never have I seen them this small, and this cute. New Creator Kuchu Pack is a chill and motivated artist with a passion for art, which is something that comes across in his depiction of these famous heroes. His work is just too cute not to share so be sure to show him some love.

2. These Are The Actors You're Looking For! (One Nerds Hunt for the Forgotten Stars of Star Wars) BY Jamie Stangroom

Luke, Leila and Han Solo, they all made their long-awaited return in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and fans were ecstatic. But wait, where are all our other beloved characters from the original trilogy? Creator Jamie Stangroom is here to answer that question for you and goes on a quest to find the forgotten stars of Star Wars. That's right, these characters are some of the reasons why millions fell in love with the franchise in the first place. Be sure to check out Jamie's fantastic video!

3. Symbolism & Motifs in Recent Horror Films BY Angela Gricar

Horror films have been ripped to shreds by critics for as long as the genre has existed. Unrealistic, low production value and too graphic nature are terms that have been used to describe the genre, but horror is so much more than that. In her article, Creator Angela Gricar takes a look at the important themes, symbols and motifs that are depicted in some of today's horror movies. Check it out!

4. How 'Making a Murderer' is Changing America BY Annika Nelson

I have been HOOKED on this documentary ever since it was brought to my attention. I watched every episode glued to the screen and watched in shock and disbelief as Steven Avery's life story unfolded. How can something like this happen in a country like the United States, was the question I asked myself. Unfortunately Avery isn't the only one who has been wrongfully accused of and incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit. New Creator Annika Nelson takes a look at the issue, and the show, and what effect it is having on America.

5. HOLLYWOOD Acclaimed Best New Short Horror Film BY MayraFlorencio

I've got to be honest, I've never been a massive fan of the horror genre but man is this genre starting to grow on me. There is so much creativity there, so many awesome ideas that translate so well on screen. TRIPPY The Serial Killer is a great example of this, and it is therefore no surprise that this little short has become one of Hollywood's best underground horror short film of the year. It shares me to death but hey, apparently all the coulrophobics and clown lovers are raving!

6. Fan Art: Superheroes BY Ana Bracic

Artist and brand new Creator Ana Bracic proves that even superheroes can be absolutely terrifying. "There are no limitations in art", she writes, "the artist is the only one with power, and that person can create a world but also destroy it." Her beautiful creations show a different side of our beloved heroes, an eerie dark side we don't come across that often in superhero fan art. This you have to see!

7. A Web of Connection BY Gary Nelson Fish

We are less than 4 months away from the release of Captain America: Civil War and the world is freaking out, in a good way. The movie coincides with the first appearance of the newly casted Spider-Man, Tom Holland. The question remains, how does Spider-Man fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what effect will this have? Fans have wasted no time these past couple of months and have come up with several theories. Be sure to check out Creator Gary Nelson Fish' article if you're curious as to what MIGHT happen to Spidey in the future.

8. Science-Fiction Predictions That Became 21st Century Science And Tech Realities BY Angelique Moss

Forecasting scientific developments is a difficult thing, but over time quite a few works have succeeded in doing just that. As Creator Angelique Moss describes it, "The explosion of scientific discoveries and the acceleration of technology in the past half-century have pushed science-fiction elements from the page and the screens to common use in everyday life", and how fantastic is that? In her article she takes a look at the tech predictions that have become actual realities. Noice!

9. "Internal Monsters" Short Film BY Serge Vane

For this short film, Creator Serge Vane "[was] greatly inspired by the theory that our consciousness keeps predispositions to various types psychological disorders, deviations and impulses." Sound intense? That's because it is, and I mean that in the best possible way. Internal Monsters was shot entirely on a Canon 550d, Serge was able to create a fantastic short definitely worth 3 minutes and 10 seconds of your precious time. Cinephiles will not be left disappointed.

10. Whose Got 2016's Best Super Hero Film Line-Up? BY Nate Ferro

2016, shut up and take my money. I mean, Deadpool, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Captain America: Civil War... the list goes on and on. I can honestly say I've never been this excited for a year in film. This year, there are a combination of six confirmed Marvel and DC based movies, and so the question remains: who will win this epic battle? Will it be DC, or will it be Marvel? Nate Ferro takes a look at their upcoming blockbusters and leaves the rest for us to decide. Take your pick!

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