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Confused? Yeah, the world is too.

But here's an extractive punch in the mouth from Chandler himself:

“It’s not the Friends reunion everyone is hoping for."

Words that escaped the mouth of the actor that made Chandler Bing one of the most beloved TV characters of the '90s-'00s fell on the ears of fans of the long-finished TV show, who had been on the edge of their seats gnawing at the corners of their laptops ever since reports of a Friends reunion leaked.

Could it really be?
Could it really be?

Matthew's confirmation on The Graham Norton Show is not entirely life-robbingly depressing, however. Matthew admitted that the other five friends would team up without him for a get together to honor James Burrows, who just recently filmed his 1,000th episode of television. James had a part in Friends back in the day, directing 15 episodes for the Zeitgeist show.

This is what Matthew had to say:

“It’s not the Friends reunion everyone is hoping for. They’re celebrating Jim Burrows who is a director of Friends and the 5 of them are going to be on this special and I’m going to introduce them from here.”

Graham Norton then retorted, "it's a really good excuse," to which Matthew subduedly agreed.

The reason for Matthew's inability to join his old friends is because he is starring in his own play The End of Longing over in the UK.

I, for one, think no such "reunion" should go ahead unless all the pals can be there together. Well, unless it's David Schwimmer.

Just kidding David!


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