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Try to contain your jealousy when I tell you some extremely lucky fans have been fortunate enough to view a special screening of Deadpool. As well as an overwhelmingly positive response on social media, one tidbit of exciting information has leaked out — yes, the film will have a post-credits scene.

So, fight the desire to run off and tell anyone who will listen how incredible the Merc with a Mouth is as soon as the credits roll. Considering the brilliance of Ryan Reynolds's viral content (such as the one below), the clip is sure to be worth the wait.

But, What Could It Be?

The use of post-credits clips in superhero movies isn't something 20th Century Fox does consistently. For example, the much maligned Fantastic Four (2015) omitted them, as did the first two X-Men flicks as well as X-Men: First Class (2011).

'X-Men: First Class' omitted a post-credits scene
'X-Men: First Class' omitted a post-credits scene

Us superhero fans love a good tease following a feature, and Deadpool hasn't disappointed. But what could it be? Generally, these epic epilogues contain various qualities:

1. Could They Hint At A Sequel?

It's safe to say we'll probably be seeing more of Wade Wilson and his alter ego. Fans are going crazy for it, Reynold's couldn't be a better fit, and the films can be produced (and marketed) on a modest budget.

2. We Could See A Cool Cameo

Lest we forget where Deadpool lies within the Marvel Comic Universe. The possibilities are shackled slightly due to Fox's ownership, but does that really matter when we could see Wolverine cameo?

Back in November, Hugh Jackman was on the Deadpool set during reshoots, posting a hilarious clip of Reynolds impersonating him while in Wade Wilson's make-up. The thought of a post-credits scene bringing these two characters together sends chills down the spine.

3. Or, It Could Be More Of Reynolds's Gags

We may just get additional Deadpool in typically lewd and playful fashion, but let's face it, even if it is the case, it'll be enough.

Remember These Post-Credits Scenes?

While Fox is patchy with its inclusion of such scenes, many have been included in their superhero movies. Below are some to set the tone:

1. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' (2009)

Oh look, it's the shit version of Deadpool, appearing at the end of Wolverine's origin story, suddenly coming back to life.

Will Wolverine return the favor?

2. 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' (2007)

The ultimate tease followed this version of the Fantastic Four franchise, giving us a cheeky glimpse of the Silver Surfer gliding through space. This means a spin-off is due, right? Wrong. Utterly wrong.

3. 'X-Men: Days of Future Past’ (2014)

Fitting into the category of prepping for a sequel, we are introduced to a hyper-charged and seriously badass mutant casually building pyramids, a look ahead at Apocalypse.

4. 'The Wolverine' (2013)

After appearing to kill off Charles Xavier, audiences needed fully thought out, well researched and creative reasons for his resurrection. The result?

"You’re not the only one with gifts."

Ah, that settles it then.

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