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Alan Rickman's sudden passing this past week hit us all hard, and although the legendary British actor is best remembered for his unforgettable roles in the likes of Harry Potter and Die Hard, one of the films that he would want us to watch the most is something a little different.

One of Rickman's final projects before his passing was voicing the video below in support of two charitable causes close to the altruistic actor's heart and every time you click it, your views will generate revenue for refugees. Hear Alan's distinguishing (and distinguished) dulcet tones in the film below:

If you're not in a quiet place right now to truly appreciate Rickman's gravelly drawl, this is what he says below:

"We’re trying to make a viral video to help refugees. We’re slowly gathering views as this tortoise munches away. It works like this: the more views it gets, the more advertising revenue YouTube will give us. We give that money to Save the Children and Refugee Council. All you need to do is watch and share. Together you and this tortoise can make a difference."

Rickman, who was born on a council estate (social housing) to a homemaker and a factory worker, is well-known for his support of liberal causes and he has quipped in the past that he "was born a card-carrying member of the Labour Party" (the left wing party of the U.K.)

Alan Rickman and his wife, Labour MP Rima Horton
Alan Rickman and his wife, Labour MP Rima Horton

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair praised Rickman's support of progressive values when he wrote:

"Alan was a brilliant actor and director and a great supporter of ‎progressive causes. He was extraordinarily modest and easy going for someone so talented and successful and a delightful person to be around. He gave great support to the Labour Party through good times and bad. I valued his help enormously. He will be sorely missed.”

To support the charities Rickman lent his voice to in the clip above, click HERE or HERE.

(Source: Reddit)


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