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He's played a lovesick heartthrob, a paranoid FBI agent, a plantation-owning sociopath and a pill-popping stock market swindler and these days, you can catch Leonardo DiCaprio rolling around with a wild bear in his Oscar-nominated role in the gut-churning wilderness epic The Revenant:

You can't deny that after all these years in film industry, Leo's name has firmly remained the one on everyone's lips. And coincidentally, another man who's been quite active on the world stage happens to be Russia's president Vladimir Putin.

Now, before you tear me apart for making a ridiculous comparison between two of the most influential men in Hollywood and politics, take note – the following has come straight from the horse's mouth. Speaking to a German publication the other day, Leonardo DiCaprio has toyed with the idea of taking on the great Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, in a future role.

"I would love to play him"

As the actor spoke of his admiration for the Russian president, he said:

"Putin would be very, very, very interesting. I would like to play him."

And the connection between the two men goes beyond their respect for one another. Back in 2010, Leo attended the International Forum on Tiger Conservation in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he met the country's leader and discussed the protection of endangered animals. Speaking back then, the actor revealed what went down when he came head-to-head with Vlad – and no, it wasn't a cheeky shot of vodka:

"My fund has several projects aimed at financial support for protecting these wild cats [Siberia tigers]. Putin and me spoke only about these magnificent animals, not about politics."
Putin with Leo in 2010
Putin with Leo in 2010

Yet, it's not just the Russian leader and the vast country's wildlife that Leo has an interest in. In fact, it appears that he generally holds the nation's history in great esteem – so much so, that he hopes that more films are made in the future that address Russia's fascinating history:

"I think there should be more films about Russian history because it has many stories worthy of Shakespeare. That is fascinating for an actor.”

As well as stepping into the shoes of Putin, Leo revealed that he wouldn't say no to the role of Lenin, a Russian communist revolutionary, or that of monk Rasputin, Tsar Nicholas II's controversial faith healer.

Lenin and Rasputin
Lenin and Rasputin

For now though, while Leo may have his eye on a number of Russian historical figures to bring to the big screen, Putin's is the one that seems the most probable. Mainly because the Kremlin would probably collectively break into traditional Russian dance at the prospect – after all, Leo's got the president's seal of approval.

After their 2010 meeting, the politician personally praised the Hollywood star for attending the meeting in St. Petersburg following a series of difficulties – while en route, the actor's plane was not only forced to make an emergency landing, but his second flight was then detoured to Helsinki due to strong winds. Putin told Leo back then:

"A person with less stable nerves could have decided against coming, could have read it as a sign – that it was not worth going."

Vlad also added that DiCaprio was a "muzhik," or a 'real man' in Russian, for sticking to his word despite the obstacles standing in his way. If this doesn't scream ultimate 'bros,' I don't know what does.

So, with everything said and done, let's hope a biopic about Russia's great leader is on its way. And if you need anymore convincing that this is the best idea ever to grace the Internet, here are five more reasons why Leo is the guy to do it:

1. He stems from Russian origins

Yep, Leo has two Russian grandparents so it's totally in his genes to play a fellow Russki.

2. He's an ace at accents

He totally smashed the heavy Rhodesian accent for his role in Blood Diamond and he's proven he's a whizz with the Russian too. Above is Leo's recent interview on Ellen, where he showcases a smattering of the accent towards the end of the clip.

3. He likes to be at one with nature like ol' buddy Vlad

I don't know about you guys, but I would pay good money to see this absolute perfection brought to life on the big screen.

4. He cares for conservation as much as Putin does

While Putin likes to ensure furry animals (doesn't really matter which!) remain around to cuddle forever, Leo similarly encourages us to embrace our world by preventing global warming.

5. Finally, he's no stranger to battling severe climates

Just look at the nightmare he had to endure for The Revenant for proof. Russia? No problem.



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