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Sometimes you see a fan theory so bizarre that you have the share it with the world and this Frozen/Hunchback of Notre Dame ancestor theory has been so well thought out that I just had to write about it.

A Redditor named Chiquen has theorized that Quasimo could be Anna and Elsa's ancestors thanks to a certain magical connection, and while there are definitely holes in the theory (that the author has acknowledged), it's fun to think about the elements that tie tie the Disney universe together could apply to such wildly different movies. I've broken the theory down to its basic components below to see what you think.

Quasimodo Has Stone Magic

As we can see from his abilities to bring the Gargoyles to life, Quasimodo has been blessed with some sort of stone magic. Chiquen theorizes that Quasi was using gypsy magic (maybe unconsciously) right under Frollos nose.

Freedom to Roam

At the end of Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo was no longer cooped up in the church and denied his liberty because he was a 'freak.' This means he would have had the freedom to travel, and his curious nature about the outside world suggests he would want to see as much as possible...Maybe even Arendelle! After all, it does look like a pretty awesome tourist city.

Gargoyle's of Another Name

Although taken enough by Arendelle's beauty to call it home, Chiquen theorizes that Quasi begins to miss his gargoyle friends so he simply creates some new ones in the form of Arendelle's bizarre, unexplained troll population.

Marrying Up

Chiquen believes that one of Quasimodo's ancestors may have married into the Arendelle royal family which could explain how Else got her magic (although it has evolved over 400 years, possibly reacting to the environment) and Anna got her redheaded gene.

While Elsa's magic might be based on ice, she also has the ability to bring forth sensitive, friendly companions, just like Quasimodo although some might argue that this is a common Disney storytelling device.

Another piece of tenuous evidence comes in the castle featuring a large portrait of Joan of Arc which could indicate their desire to preserve their French roots.

Of course, like most fan theories, this one is pretty tenuous and based on the authors own, personal interpretations of things and there are plenty of arguments that this is all coincidence which I will cover below.

A Problem of Age

The trolls map is written in runes which mean they are probably older than Quasi, although Chiquen argues that the language was in use for hundreds of years after it was officially replaced.

Why the Ice?

There is no denying that Quasi and Elsa have a totally different type of magic and that is difficult to explain away, but Chiquen has some ideas about how this could have happened.

The Redditor theorizes that maybe the magic is affected by the characters surrounding or is the result of an artistic preference. After all Quasi spends his time carving as a hobby and Elsa seems enamoured by her snowy surroundings. In the words of Chiquen:

"Maybe their magic becomes another way for them to express themselves. Maybe they unconsciously shaped their powers into a tool, like a paintbrush or a chisel, to let them work with what they love. And it would be just like Disney to have some subliminal messages that art is magic."

Although it's not the most convincing theory in the world, I love the creative thinking that has gone into this one and, at the end of the day, it's Disney. If they can give Esmeralda and Quasimodo a happy ending there's no reason Quasi can be related to Elsa and Anna too! It's a magical universe, right?

(Source; Reddit)


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