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Jennifer Aniston wasn't going to miss her husband Justin Theroux's appearance at the Critics' Choice Awards for anything and she wasn't afraid to tell some careless guests to move so she could get a good view!

While the seminal GIF of the Golden Globes was definitely that now infamous Leo/Gaga moment, I have a feeling this prime Jen action below could become the stand out Internet talking point from the Critics' Choice Awards.

When Justin was summoned on stage, Jen waved a hapless guest out of the way while urging them to "move, move" and her adorable eagerness to see her husband do his thing on stage was captured on camera.

That wasn't the only Jen reaction that stole the show though, the 46-year-old star also caught the cameras attention when she gasped as Kate Beckinsale sashayed across the stage.

I guess when you've worn as many flowing gowns as Jen you know just how real the possibility of a tumble really is.

(Source: US Weekly)


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