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Bungie's Destiny hasn't lived up to the expectations Activision generated for it when the project was announced in 2010. There were tons of promising ideas that even the game's developers had for this enormous online shooter that didn't make the cut. Therefore, a lot of our hopes for Destiny have been transferred onto its DLC expansions and future sequels.

The Taken King gave us a taste of what Destiny could become (or should have been) and it has inspired fans to hypothesize and dream about the features Bungie could include in Destiny 2. Some of these dreams are fantastic and deserved to be shared amongst the community. While not all of them are likely, this could be an insight into the future Destiny we've dreamed of.

Destiny 2 - VR Support, Space Battles & Dreams


From what we understand, the way in which Destiny was expanded on in 2015 isn't sustainable. Bungie were under severe pressure to pump out The Dark Below, The House of Wolves, and The Taken King, all within the space of a few months. Therefore, 2016 will not have the same release schedule for Destiny that we've enjoyed up until this point. Instead, probably around September, Activision will be releasing Destiny 2, which is likely to be a massive expansion onto The Taken King.

What do you desire for this sequel? What have you always been frustrated by in Bungie's shooter that you'd love to see amended? Well, below we have a fairly interesting list of features that we'd love for our readers to contribute to! Can you think of an idea for Destiny 2?

Destiny: The Taken King
Destiny: The Taken King
  • VR Support - This will steadily become a request for every big franchise out there. This is the year of Virtual Reality and we're excited to see how it all goes down. Seeing as Activision are working closely with Sony in terms of exclusives for Destiny and Call Of Duty, we may see Playstation VR support before any other if this actually goes ahead.
  • LFG - Looking For Group, is a system that would enable players to search for groups of players online, thus making matchmaking for Raids and such a lot easier. It's something that Destiny has always lacked and we still can't figure out why it isn't a feature.
  • In-Game Lore - The grimoire cards were part of a system that was introduced after the story for Destiny was gutted by Activision. They are a poor substitute for lore and the game desperately needs a greater focus on in-game narrative.
Destiny: The Taken King
Destiny: The Taken King
  • Locations Galore - Returning to the same planets over and over again got boring pretty damn fast with Destiny. After a year, it's become infuriating. We need more planets and we need more locations to visit on those planets than what we're currently stuck with.
  • Sparrow Racing - This shouldn't be a timed feature. Make it a permanent one - it's awesome!
  • Loading Screen - It may seem small, but if we could move our ships around or interact with something during those loading screens it sure would kill the monotonous nature of waiting for Destiny.
  • Space Combat - Why are our ships purely cosmetic? There must be something that we can eventually do with them, right? Why not have space battles? Why not allow players to wage war in the skies for upgrades and gear? It'd be amazing!


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