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Sex (and the lack of it) was the driving force behind plenty of classic Friends moments, and if you've ever wondered who was most successful in their crusade for conquests, a particularly dedicated Redditor has puzzled out the answer for you.

In celebration of the last ever episode of Friends, airing on this day (May 6) 2004, we have rummaged through all of our favorite '90s-tastic trivia, explored the changing faces of the cast through the decades, and peeked under the characters' sheets to relive all the things we loved the most about the iconic sitcom.

Using an exceptionally detailed spreadsheet and his encyclopedic knowledge of the classic comedy show, a particularly dedicated Friends fan has figured out who bedded the most people using a simple formula.

Yep, we know your secrets.
Yep, we know your secrets.

Due to the ambiguity of a lot of the past dating scenarios, confirmed sex (either by strong innuendo or plain admission) equals one point, whereas unconfirmed sexual encounters (e.g. "I dated a guy...") are worth 0.5 points.

Joey - 51.5 Sexual Partners

Joey might constantly be bragging about his irresistible allure with the laydeeees, but it turns out he isn't all hot air. His list includes an impressive number of randoms, including a few extras from "Days of Our Lives," two roommates, and a gal from Sunglasses Hut.

He might be having casual sex left, right, and center but Joey also used his sexual prowess for more noble causes such as helping Chandler and Monica hide their relationship. Awwww!

Phoebe - 32.5 Sexual Partners

Phoebe is a free spirit in the streets and the sheets, so it should be so surprise that she comes second on the list. This wild card claims to have slept with every member of Jethro Tull and once sank her teeth into a client's buttocks thanks to rampant sexual frustration. She scares me.

Rachel - 15.5 Sexual Partners

Before the will they/won't they Ross conundrum was finally answered, Rachel experimented with Monica's cousin and some dude whose cat hated her. Of course, the moment we will all remember the most is that time Ross and Rachel traumatized young children in the museum. Awkward.

Monica - 14.5 Sexual Partners

Of course, we all remember Richard and his ludicrous 'tash situation, but Monica also enjoyed moments of passion with the over emotional "Fun Bobby" and slept with a minor named Ethan who lied about his age. Ew.

Ross - 14 Sexual Partners

I know, I was surprised that Ross wasn't last on the list too! The dweeby paleontologist had a few girlfriends along the way, including Julie and his former wife, Emily, but there were a few one night stands along the way too. Maybe Joey's advice helped him out?

Chandler - 10.5 Sexual Partners

Coming in at the bottom of the pile is Chandler, who really is the loser because one of his lovers was Janice. Sorry, dude.

Which Friend would you slip between the sheets with?

(Source: Reddit)


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