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Since Deadpool was slapped with an R-rating like a metaphorical badge of honour, a debate surrounding whether this was the right call has exploded all over the internet.

In one corner, we have those who feel the anti-hero needs the rating to be true to character. This includes most of the Moviepilot community, who all seem in favour of the R-rating. I mean, the below trailer says it all:

In the other corner, are those who feel the film should have an alternative PG-13 release. These include Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph, who launched a petition requesting a tamer, censored version.

On the flip-side, there's even now a petition asking for an alternative X-rated flick, to allow the Merc with the Mouth to go full on hyper charged, as if he isn't enough already.

"Appropriate For 12-Year-Olds"

If all of these conflicting opinions are making you dizzy, then look away now. Comic book fan and artist Patrick Gerard posted a seemingly plausible explanation as to why the film should be rated PG-13.

In fact, he even believes anyone who disagrees with this must be, erm, "high on paint fumes". The crux of his argument is as follows:

"Marvel rates Deadpool as being appropriate for 12 year olds and has in almost every appearance for almost 25 years."

Gerard has "Waded" through numerous past issues of the comic strip, identifying that the majority of issues are rated for appropriate for 12-year-olds, so thus the film should be rated accordingly.

His full status update is below:

To all the people insisting Deadpool should be rated R? You're high on paint fumes. Deadpool is a book built on censored...

Posted by Patrick Gerard on Friday, January 15, 2016

Patrick signs off with his disappointment as "fellow nerds" for suggesting the R-rating is the way to go.

This Led To None Other Than 'Deadpool' Co-Creator Rob Liefeld Joining The Debate

The 48-year-old comic book creator and artist (pictured above with Ryan Reynolds) splits opinion in the industry, but it's safe to say in a deliberation on such matters, Liefeld is a close to an expert as they come. His response?

"Sorry, these comics are pg-13. There are F bombs galore, frontal nudity and tremendously wonderful gore in the Deadpool film. The comics are not as adult as the film. That’s just a fact. Doesn’t mean they aren’t good, but no way are they adult in the way the film is.

You’re kidding yourself Slewo. Spewing nonsense that Duggan or Way were R rated. Even pg-13 gives you one F-CK. Show me the f-ck in those comics."

Liefeld also added that the R-rating is necessary to do the film justice, which he rightly points out should be judged separately from the rating of the comic.

So, now the co-creator himself has spoken, can we let the debate settle?

Deadpool is released on February 12th this year.

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