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Netflix is not only confined to the US viewers now, instead it is made itself available to the whole world.

Netflix Inc. initially started offering video content services in 2007, when it was a media services company for the people of the United States only, but the vision was to be everywhere as the time passes by. The firm is currently known as the biggest TV provider of entertainment services in the world now. The latest movie of Adam Sandler received surprisingly poor reviews from the critics and has a one star rating only on the streaming platform. Regardless of this, it was the most streamed movie in the history of the company in the first 30 days of its release.

This is how Netflix works globally. It has tried to make an impact across the globe for a very long time, as it started this year with 60 countries in its portfolio. Its international efforts can be seen from its recent in-process shows, for instance, company officials revealed that 80% of the Narcos’ dialogues are in Spanish provided with subtitles, which indicates that it is catering to people all around the world.

The streaming service provider last week expanded to 130 countries at the same time without a single technical glitch. This suggests that the streaming company offers services to almost every country in the world except China. This expansion made it the first global content network that is looking for ways to further create new revenue streams one way or another.

Product chief of Netflix, Neil Hunt, stated that he has been receiving updates almost every single hour ever since it turned ‘it’ on. Here, the ‘it’ is Netflix that opened its services to almost all parts of the world on January 6.

Hunt added, “We’re very much focused on building a global product, in part because we think it’s much more efficient. Even though the content library is distinct in each country, the principles we use are universal. New users shape those principles almost entirely. Current subscribers aren’t used as guinea pigs because that doesn’t measure the effectiveness of a new product, only the change itself.”

Netflix is now made for the whole world. Before launching its services in India, the firm started to work on the Bollywood content for the very first time to make an impactful entry in the region. Furthermore, working on Bollywood content would make Indian viewers pay for the service as well. The management is motivated by the reception of the service in the country.


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