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Absolutely everyone is expecting Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead, Fury) to make an amazing debut as Frank Castle, a.k.a the Punisher, when he first appears in the second season of Netflix and Marvel's Daredevil this March. I mean, as if the producers and showrunners teasing it weren't enough, we've now heard news that the character will be getting his own spin-off show!

However, the interesting thing is that we don't know what kind of Punisher the show will go with. While you may think of him as a relatively one-dimensional killing machine, he is in reality so much more. He wasn't always this way, he actually only became a vigilante after his wife and two children were murdered. So, while he may seem without remorse or emotion at times, he is in fact tortured inside.

What will Bernthal's Punisher look like?

Now though, we need to talk about his role in the show. For the first time since getting the role, Bernthal, along with Elodie Yung (Elektra) talked to the press at the Netflix TCA event. Here's what he had to say about his version of the character:

"If I got one thing from the comics, as far as superpowers? [The Punisher's] superpower is his rage. His superpower is that he is not gonna quit, and he's having to go forward no matter what. That's as human and grounded a quality as, I think, this genre can have."

So it appears that this version of Frank Castle will still be utilizing a lot of anger when doing his work. Could this mean that it hasn't been long since the death of his wife and children when we first meet him? It would be interesting if Frank and Matt first came up against each other when neither has had a lot of experience in the world of vigilantism. We would still get to see some incredible fights regardless of what point in their careers they both are at...

But it would be very interesting to see how they both evolve and change over the course of a season of constant fighting. I imagine we will see a lot of flashbacks for the Punisher over this season, involving everything from his childhood and his time in the military to the death of his family. I can't wait to see the character evolve as much as Wilson Fisk did last season, and he may even get more screen time for his back story than Fisk did, with the majority of the flashbacks Matt could need having been covered in the first season.

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