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Sisters is the story of Maura (Amy Poehler) and Kate Ellis (Tina Fey) learning that their childhood home is about to be sold, and they are given a chance to clean out their old rooms. As nostalgia kicks in, the pair decide to throw one last party, inviting all of their old highschool mates for a final farewell and as one expects in a comedy movie, hi-jinks ensue.

Do not get me wrong, I think Poehler and Fey are some of the finest female comics around today. Parks and Rec and 30 Rock are proof of the talent these women have up their sleeve. So how is it that two genuinely funny people have managed to star in one of the most unfunny, lazy and downright boring comedies?

The script is weak and this is a story we've all seen before, rebranded and recast with different characters. If you've seen Step Brothers and Project X, imagine a weird mash-up of the two, tweak some things here and there, and you've got this movie.

The movie has a few genuine laughs in it but they are few are far between. Director Jason Moore does nothing to keep the movie flowing smoothly and what results is something that barely holds a candle to his previous work on the downright hilarious Pitch Perfect.

Sisters is a lazy attempt at comedy that stumbles along for a far too long runtime of 118 minutes; reviewing it was going to be a pain so I devoted less than a minute in talking about it on YouTube.

I know for a fact that those involved, Poehler, Fey and director Moore, are capable of much, much better work and in the end, that may just be the most disappointing thing about Sisters. 4/10

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